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Murderous Language

Letter as published on NYDailyNews.com
April 19, 2017

Murderous Language

Tuckahoe, N.Y.: What’s with these TV shows named “Wicked Tuna” and “Deadliest Catch”? Sentient, intelligent tuna and other fish are swimming peacefully in the ocean, minding their own business, when they are forced into nets, speared, hooked and otherwise tortured and slaughtered by people. So who’s “wicked”? These shows call animals names and demonize them so they can brutalize them and justify what we do to them — leaving deadly discarded fishing lines and drift nets while overfishing and generally destroying the oceans. “Mountain Monsters”? Better look in the mirror. Language is powerful: Shows would never be able to use such titles on innocent people, but animals can’t defend themselves, so they’re fair game. Just do your wicked deeds and stop vilifying animals to justify it. Or maybe — gasp! — stop killing them at all.

Kiley Blackman

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