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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Press Release



Kiley Blackman  
[email protected]   

July 10, 2006 New York City, NY Animal Defenders of Westchester is taking on the infamous Dolans of Madison Square Garden, due to their inclusion of bull riding events in their upcoming season.  We join reporter Mike Lupica in calling them ‘bums’ and for  giving carte blanche to Isaiah Thomas, we join the public in criticizing their firing of Larry Brown, we join the state Lobbying Commission in requesting they be fined, we join the NY Daily News in saying that ‘Ducking is a Dolan specialty.’  We join and every major periodical that has denounced them.  We say they are all this and more: they are billionaires who add animal cruelty profits out of incredible greed and avarice.

We wish to educate the Dolans about the bulls, since they’re obviously too busy counting their money and screwing the public to find out for themselves (No, Dolans, they are not blocks of wood bucking frantically - they are sentient, intelligent beings): the bulls are trucked in by dank, filthy boxcars without food or water (Don’t want them making a mess); in the chute the bull is shocked, hit with poles and has his tail twisted, in order to make this otherwise-peaceful animal appear ‘wild;’ just before the chute is opened the fake ‘cowboy’ yanks a rope or strap that is cinched tightly near the bulls’ genitals, which makes him ‘buck’ (no, Dolans, he is not trained to buck).

Here’s a letter from the folks who the Dolans are now pandering to: ( from our website) “Shut up dumb ass u have no idea what the hell ur talking about shut the hell up you bastards we don’t stick cattle prods in their p_ssys dip sh_t bulls love 2 buck a_hole I have some dammit u don’t now a damn thing about bull riding so shove it up your damn ass screw u rodeo is awesome so shove it up your a holes pr_ck.” (Signed [email protected]

The Dolans must be so proud.

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