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Advocates to be present at Court Hearing of 'Yonkers 25' Cat Case


November 25, 2014

Kiley Blackman
[email protected]

Advocates to be present at Court Hearing of 'Yonkers 25' Cat Case Questions.

Concerns surround Arrest Details of Man who Hung Dead Cats in Trees

Westchester County, NY On Tuesday, November 25 at 9:30 a.m. animal advocates will be present at Yonkers Criminal Court, 100 S. Broadway to monitor the case of Rene Carcamo, who has been charged with animal cruelty for neglecting sick animals and improper disposal of bodies, after the April discovery of 25 dead cats hung in bags from trees. Members of Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW), the Cat Protection Council of Westchester (CPC), Forgotten Felines and several other rescue and advocacy organizations will be represented.  
Carcamo is not being charged with killing the original 25 animals that were found in a vacant lot. At the time this incident was first reported, it appeared to be one of the worst cases of animal cruelty in NYS history and was reported all over the world. Now, along with reports of the number of actually-murdered cats in question, versus a disturbed individual attempting to 'help,' the appearance of this entire incident seems to have changed - but one thing that hasn't changed is people's concern for the vulnerable, homeless cats and kittens struggling each day to find a bit of food and safe shelter.  
Kiley Blackman, founder of ADOW and CPC member, said, "The details of this case have become conflicted and have left many unanswered questions. Did the cats die because he couldn't properly care for them, did he neglect them because he liked to see them suffer, or did he actually kill them. Some of them died from blunt trauma to the head - were those "mercy killings"

Though we are happy to see that the case was seriously investigated, we have questions about the investigation itself, why it wasn't addressed earlier, since there are indications this situation was well known for a while, among other things.

 Bottom line, we will be there to be a presence for the cat's sake, so that the county and the world knows we care, seek justice for them and want to educate people about hoarding situations,the need for affordable veterinary care,  the value of TNR, the plight of homeless animals and how to respond to suspected animal cruelty. We hope that out of this sad case something good will emerge, some positive change for the well being of these animals and those who care for them.'

CPC member Leslie Hirschorn agrees.  'We're all confused, disheartened and deflated about the results of this arrest,' she states. 'There is much mixed emotion as we don't have the full story about this person and what was really going on in his apt and surrounding area. We still don't know if this guy was just a sad pathetic hoarder who tried his best but it got out of control and he hurt them when he couldn't cope anymore, or if they were sick and he was taking them off the streets...or if they were breeding and he was putting them out on the street. Clearly he needs psychological help as well as other assistance so does it just end there at court for now and then starts all over again.

 The community has to get involved -  there's just so much these volunteers can do on their own unless the community helps to stop the cycle of breeding, neglect and homelessness.' 

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