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Is there anything in favor of this Covenant that we can take away from St. Paulís teachings that are otherwise often used to try to disprove compassion-based theologies and philosophies by well meaning opponents of this message?

First of all, the bottom-line of Paulís comments in Romans 14 and 1Corinthians 8 regarding eating animals is that if a Christian brother is deeply disturbed by the eating of animal flesh, then Paul not only advises against eating animal flesh but also says that heíll personally never eat it again! Whatever tones in Paulís writings that people try to extrapolate in favor of eating animals from Paulís writings are simply not supported by the texts in question. Paulís apparent aggravation in some translations can be a matter of the perspective that some people approach Paulís epistles assuming. It can also be a matter of how many times that St. Paul had to address those particular matters to where his nerves were wearing thin with the whole subject because of how ever many times he may have already in person said that heíd acquiesce in those matters or give up that ground that some believers might be tempted to consider among their liberties. We donít have personal, first-hand knowledge of how many times that St. Paul had to address these matters. Also, many times translations of documents from one language to another can reflect the biases of the translators, or as in the case of the Bible, translations can reflect traditions of interpretation and traditions of translation that might fudge the absolute truth a bit.

Secondly, if 1Corinthians chapter 8 and 1Timothy chapter 4 can be said to nullify the influence of false religions in the behalf of food thatís otherwise validated by the Word of God and prayer, then we may gently contend that emergency vegan food relief organizations, such as "Food For Life" that are run by Hindus may be freely supported by Christians without regards for the religious beliefs of the Hindus involved so long as it is acknowledged that we are supporting emergency vegan food relief and not the religious doctrines and traditions of other religions. All Christians would concede that it would be 100% best to support exclusively Christian organizations that are providing emergency vegan food relief in disaster areas or otherwise impoverished regions of the world. And though all Christians should strive to lead every man, woman, and child to Jesus Christ, St. Paul seems to clearly tell us that those issues are independent of food issues. So, where we have a Biblical mandate thatís growing before us with regards to animals and a very clear implication that we should be supporting vegan food relief projects at every opportunity, until a Christian alternative clearly exists, (which doesnít appear to as of when Iím writing this,) it still is a part of the responsibility of Christians to support the feeding of people in severely impoverished regions of the world, or where the relief is needed for other reasons.


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