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Help Foster Rescued Animals in North Carolina

Dear Friends,

Hello! I am asking for assistance with future fostering of rescued animals in North Carolina. If you live out of state, transportation will be provided.

Please forward this plea for help to every animal-friendly person and organization you know!! PLEASE!

Compassion in Action, of Wilmington, NC is attempting to place animals rescued from severe neglect/abuse situations from Northern, rural N.C.

We have puppies, "teenagers" and adults of every variety in desperate need of loving, nurturing homes, WHERE THEY WILL BE SOCIALIZED, LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY AND CARED FOR 100%. Some dogs are already housetrained. Some are not.

All cats are litterbox trained and wonderful. All will be fully vaccinated, spay/neutered, FIV/FIP tested and NEGATIVE, heartworm tested negative and on heartworm and flea preventative, unless you want to spring for it yourself. Food will be provided, unless you can provide this yourself.

These animals have been rescued from really horrible "homes" where they were seriously abused/neglected--- i.e. left out in 4 degrees cold weather in snow, with no shelter, no food, no water for up to 2 months at a time. Some of the cats were rescued by me, Jill, in minus 4 degrees weather (not considering wind chill factor) in conditions I don't want to upset you with. Believe me, it was horrid. The only things these dogs/cats need from you is your undying love and adoration, food and water. We request that you provide food and water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the starvation cases.

Any medical expenses will be covered, personally, out-of-pocket by me, Jill Breslauer, unless you will cove these expenses yourself. . .Transportation will be provided by me. If you need money for food, I will personally provide it. All want is to be able to remove these suffering animals from the horrid homes (that they were never allowed inside), that no longer want them and cannot provide for them properly.

If you can please foster an animal, either temporarily or permanently, please email me at : [email protected]  ANY help is most gratefully appreciated more than you could ever possibly imagine. Please help these beautiful animals! ...They need you!


Jillousie Breslauer
P.O. Box #12708
Wilmington, NC 28405
[email protected]

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