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From the Sled Dog Action Coalition, 

Please write in support of Ethel Christensen's letter (see below) in the Anchorage Daily News even if you don't totally agree with it. If people in Alaska pay attention to her letter, it will be a big step in the right direction. Ethel is and has been the executive director of the Alaska SPCA for many years. In the serum run that Ethel refers to, the dogs ran in relays with no dog running over 100 miles. In contrast, in the Iditarod, dogs are forced to race 1,150 miles.

Letters to editor of newspaper: [email protected] 

Letters of support to Ethel: [email protected] 

Anchorage Daily News

Letters to the editor

May 22, 2005

Serum run of 1925 was a relay

With reference to Thomas Thuneman's letter, it needs to be said that the Iditarod Race does not honor history ("Iditarod dogs love running, and race reminds us of history," May 14). The serum run was done in relays and not a grueling, money-oriented 1,100-mile race. Change the direction of the Iditarod race to honor "true history" and there will be more support and far less criticism.

---- Ethel D. Christensen


EDITOR'S NOTE: The writer is director of a local animal welfare organization. 


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