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Welcome to the world of White Rose Environmental, specialists in Clinical waste-disposal’.


Hidden on an industrial estate outside Leeds, UK, is a specialist incinerator housing one of the grisliest secrets in Britain. Its workers are responsible for disposing of hundreds of animals ever week. Animals killed when fed highly toxic chemicals in vivisection laboratories throughout the country, and considered too dangerous to be disposed of elsewhere. The last people to see the torn and mangled bodies of Covance,

Harlan Interfauna and the majority of other animal abusers, its workers unceremoniously cast them into the furnace of this charnel house.

Welcome to the world of White Rose Environmental, specialists in clinical ‘waste-disposal’. Better known for running clinical waste incinerators around the country, their Leeds plant is designed for disposing of the most toxic waste that cannot go elsewhere. It would be a major blow to Covance if WRE ceased dealing with them. Over a decade ago, Covance had to close down their on-site incinerators due to the ashes of murdered animals falling on the neighbouring residential area and companies. If Covance were to re-open the incinerators, there would not only be a major public outcry, but it would cost them hundreds of thousands of pounds to get it renovated up to current health and safety standards, that is presuming that they got the planning permission to do so. White Rose have already ceased trading with HLS and Wickham due to pressure so there is no excuse for them to not do the same with Covance.

Please contact and demo White Rose Environmental, their collaborators and shareholders. A full list WRE sites is at the foot of this alert. For more info, visit;

Head Office:
White Rose Environmental Ltd.
Knostrop Treatment Works,
Knowsthorpe Lane,
West Yorkshire,
Tel: 0845 124 2020
Tel: 0113 235 9132
Tel: 0113 297 2460
Tel: 0113 297 2495
Fax: 0113 294 2496
Fax: 0113 235 1286


Colm Croskery (Managing Director):
[email protected]

David Hughes:
[email protected] 

Richard T. Kogler: [email protected] 

Mark C. Miller: [email protected] 

Shazeen S Sacranie: [email protected] 

Frank JM Ten Brink: [email protected] 

David Storry (General Business Manager) 
Tel: 0113 391 8636
Mob: 07932 752237
E-mail: [email protected] 

Other e-mail addresses:

[email protected],

[email protected], [email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected]


Bolton Incinerator Plant, Minerva House, Bolton General Infirmary,

Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 0JR Tel: 01204 398613 Fax: 01204 524220

Salford Service Centre, Units 1&2, Dakota Avenue, Salford, Manchester, M50

2PU Tel: 0161 8774772 Fax: 0161 8774016

Oldham Incinerator, The Incinerator Building, Royal Oldham Hospital,

Rochdale Road, Oldham, Lancashire, OL1 2JH Tel: 0161 6206762 Fax: 0161 6282693

Swanley Service Centre, Unit 5, Mark Way, Swanley, Kent, BR8 8NJ Tel: 01322 614018 Fax: 01322 660293

The Incinerator, Queen Mary’s Hospital, Frognal Avenue, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 6LT Tel: 0208 3081970 Fax: 0208 3090473

The Clinical Waste Incinerator, Incinerator Road, Carleton Glen, off Friarwood Lane, Southgate, Pontefract, WF8 1LP Tel: 01977 602263 Fax: 01977 602461

East Croft Clinical Waste Incinerator, Incinerator Road, Nottingham, NG2 3AF Tel: 0115 9852295 Fax: 0115 9850983

The Incinerator Building, Cattle Market Road, Nottingham, NG2 3JH

Ipswich Incinerator Plant, Woodridge Road East, Ipswich, IP4 5PG Tel: 01473 713803 Fax: 01473 729079

Ashford Incinerator, Kennington Avenue, Willesborough, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0LZ Tel: 01233 665605 Tel: 01233 665606 Fax: 01223 665604

Kingsnorth Industrial Estate, Wooton Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 6JY

Bournemouth Incinerator Complex, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Castle Lane East, Bournemouth, BH7 7DW Tel: 01202 594224 Fax: 01202 582715

Unit 307e, North West Sector, Bournemouth International Airport, Hurn, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 6NW

Unit 7, Larkfield Mill, Bellingham Way, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7PS Tel: 01622 793900

Clinical Waste Limited (Subsidiary), 2 The Embankment, Sovereign Street, Leeds, LS1 4BP Fax: 01372 276 668

All e-mail addresses:

[email protected],

[email protected], [email protected],

[email protected], [email protected],

[email protected], [email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected], [email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected]

-------SAMPLE LETTER---------

Dear Sir / Madam, White Rose Environmental,

I am disgusted at your company’s involvement with Covance Laboratories, a contract research organisation who perform cruel and barbaric experiments on animals.

Covance have been exposed four times and leading primatologist, Jane Goodall condemned the labs for their ill treatment of animals. Primates were left without adequate veterinary treatment. Covance’s daily business is poisoning animals to death including; dogs, cats, primates, guinea-pigs, rabbits, rodents, horses, farm animals and more.

Animal testing is inaccurate due to the many metabolic and analytical differences between the various animal species and humans. The recent drug disaster of Vioxx helps prove this. Vioxx was tested, and it was claimed it was safe, after animal testing. Look at the effects it had and the thousands of deaths in the UK alone.

White Rose have ceased involvement with Huntingdon Life Sciences and Wickham, two labs that carry out similar work to Covance. There is no excuse for WRE to carry on trading with the vile company.

By dealing with Covance, your company are actively supporting this disgusting cruelty and scientific fraud. I hope you soon cease your involvement with this barbaric lab, Yours Sincerely,

The Covance Campaign, 29 Rochdale Road, Todmorden, OL14 7LA Tel: (0771) 736 4613 Web: E-mail: [email protected] 

DISCLAIMER: The Covance Campaign encourages polite and informative contact with the companies listed, and peaceful demonstrations at their sites. We do not encourage or incite illegal activities. Nothing on the website or in any Covance Campaign publications are intended to incite or encourage illegal activities. We do not encourage or incite repetitive, threatening or abusive contact with the companies listed in any form.

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