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Posted 12 Nov 2009


Thank you so much! Although I've been around dogs, etc. for a good while, I'm ashamed to say I have heard about Animals in Print but never read it. Jean Townsend turned me on to it this week and I really respect her judgment, so I signed up. Thanks so turning this around so quickly as I received my 1st edition today and sneaking and trying to read parts of it at work, I will be able to relax and read all of it tonight.

Thanks again and really thanks for putting such a wonderful on-line Newsletter together. People really need to see what's going on out there to our sweet, dear, speechless children. I have the sweetest angel on earth, my Maggie Mae, who endured a year of beatings, starvation as well as mental cruelty. Her former owner died by his own hands under the influence of alcohol. My girl was in the home with him for a week or so before his body was discovered. This evil man was breeding border collies in his back yard in horrid conditions, stuffed in over-crowded cages out in the rain, snow, storms, etc. There were 26 dogs picked up by Tri-County Shelter after his death. All but 3 had to be humanely euthanized due to the horrible shape they were in, the youngest made it and my girl was one of the 3. People need to be more aware of what is going on around them and when they see things like what Maggie endured, CALL Animal Control, dept of abuse! I have done it several times. Take some responsibility. The place she was taken from was not so secluded that people couldn't see it. But apparently no one felt like they were important enough to be saved, I don't know, I will never understand the mind of an animal abuser or anyone who knows abuse is going on and turns their back to it.

Sorry for running on.

I just wanted to thank you and well, I just go off sometimes.


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