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From 10 June 2003 Issue

The Seduction Of Ambiguousness
  By Linda Beane

What you don't know doesn't hurt you.  Right?

Think about that a one minute. A quick, flippant remark representing an indifference to another's' comment. But just what are we really saying when we so arrogantly slide into our dreamy world of denial?  There is a certain amount of comfort we enjoy when staying within the cozy walls of our own ignorance and naiveness.  Unfortunately this withdrawal from painful realities has dire results.

The most serious consequence of this behavior is a lack of awareness of the experiences, albeit negative or positive of others, human and non-human. As an Animal Rights Activist I am challenged daily by this unwillingness of others to actually acknowledge the tragic abuse humans inflict on animals.

What really upsets me is the fact that each day, each hour, each minute, individual animals are suffering incredible torment. A hamburger may look quite delicious upon your plate, but that sandwich is the ground up body part of a living, feeling creature.

Though you didn't personally know this creature, never touched its body, nor looked into its eyes, it still lived. It was born, a miracle of life, so precious and so innocent. It had simple needs, to be loved, protected and nourished. But this dear innocent, a  helpless newborn, was destined not to live its life free but as an unknowing captive, nothing more than a commodity. Raised and fattened not to live its life fully, but to be a variety of meals for us, the humans, the "civilized harvesters".

How hardened have our hearts become that we can't see or feel this? Each individual animal has its own thoughts, its own feelings and each piece of meat (animal) that now sits on a dinner plate suffered unthinkable horrors. That hamburger suffered horrendous atrocities at the slaughterhouse alone and that piece of steer on your plate is only part of an animal, if not parts of many. How disgusting and savage is that?

How many of you are aware that a great many steers are still alive and suffering through their deaths (murders) after being unwillingly stunned, shackled, hung by their rear leg to bleed out, throat slit, hooves cut off and skinned. Think about it "still alive and making sounds of agony and fear." That is outrageous and unacceptable.
I know that this is unpleasant to read and many of you may turn away, not wanting to read on, but please continue.

We need to know and face these real facts. It is time for all caring humans to find their own empowerment. Every minute we delay, unnecessary suffering continues for these animals. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Which is it going to be?

What can you do to begin to end such habitual abuse? Easy, stop eating meat.
It is that simple, if you don't eat meat, animals will no longer be a profitable commodities. One person can and does make a difference. Our world is a constantly changing environment, most of it accomplished by individuals that recognized their own uniqueness.

I challenge all of you to be bolder, start making a difference, do more, talk about these issues, take chances, stand out in the crowd, be a leader.

If you are reading this newsletter you have already taken a step toward a kinder life style. Start taking giant steps. Animals can't speak for themselves, they are prisoners.

One of the easiest and most effective things I have down is put Animal Rights bumper stickers all over my car.  I see people actually stop in the parking lot to read the things on my car. I know they have to wonder, if not agree, with what they read.  I plant a seed in their minds.

You can find many different AR bumper stickers on line. PETA sells them and for those of you afraid to stick anything on your cars surface, they make metallic ones that adhere without adhesive.


Linda Beane

[email protected]


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