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From 10 June 2003 Issue

Where's Her Baby?
By: Linda Beane 

Every animal is someone's baby.
Are you aware of that?
Did you ever think "Where's their baby now?"
Is it in the hamburger your eating?
The steak you had last night?
The roast, the corned beef?
Still in the freezer?
Maybe smothered in mushrooms?
Where's the baby?
They took her baby before she could even nuzzle it.
My God - the baby has been missing for so long!
The baby, HER BABY!
Have you seen her baby?
She trusted you.
It`s been so long!
It was HER very own special baby.
MOTHER n,"One who gives birth, one who CARES and PROTECTS.
BABY n, "A newborn, helpless, in need of nurturing, offspring of a mother."
Have you seen her baby?
Please...........HAVE YOU SEEN THE BABY??
Even "PART" of it?

Written By: Linda Beane

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