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From Animals in Print 11 December 2000 Issue:

Museum Live Pig Killing

It Seems Mr. Bell thinks our letters regarding the slaughter of the pigs was trivial!

(Background: To attract tourism the Museum proceeded to kill two live pigs as part of their demonstrations of life in the 1800s. This wasteful, cruel abuse of two creatures lives was appalling. It is too bad Richard didn't appreciate our efforts or share our compassion.)
Subj: RE: Tourism From: [email protected]   (Richard Bell)

Richard says:

"I did not solicit your comments, nor do I agree with them. You insisted on jamming communications with your trivial email."

I say:


Richard says:

"Have a nice day!."

I say:

"Thanks, I will have a nice day forwarding your indifferent, callous reply out to all my readers. People who do care about abuse and find it far more significant them your displeasure at the objections you received. This is no way to solicit tourism, Richard."

It is still not too late to express our outrage and let Richard know such cruel acts inflicted on animals in the name of entertainment and tourism are unacceptable. If he continues with this hideous practice he needs to hear the outrage.


Richard may be reached at: [email protected]   (Richard Bell).

Source:[email protected]

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