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From 11 July 2002
Special Edition

Akron, Ohio
City Council Passes Emergency Cat Ordinance Deadly To Felines.

Boycott State of Ohio

To Whom It May Concern:

The following letter accurately expresses my views regarding this issue.

I am writing to inform you that my family and I will boycott the State
of Ohio as long as the "Cats At Large" ordinance passed in Akron remains
in effect. We have chosen to boycott your state for the following

1) We are upset to learn that homeless stray/feral/lost cats and kittens
are being rounded up and killed within hours of being caught, despite a
mandatory 5 day waiting period. We have been informed that cats and
kittens are immediately killed for having fleas and/or ringworm, both
very common conditions for any cat who has been outdoors for even a
short period of time. [Source:] The cost to
cure fleas and ringworm is significantly less than the cost of killing
an otherwise healthy cat. This waste of taxpayer dollars and unnecessary
loss of life is unacceptable.

2) We are concerned after learning that a 14 year old child literally
blew the head off of a kitten with an M-80 type firework explosive.
[Source: feel this is in direct response
to the callous attitude toward life which has been displayed by the Akron
City Council. A young child has been taught to act violently and
aggressively toward cats through the example set by the Akron City
Council members.

3) It is reported that legally obtained council meeting recordings
display vulgar prejudicial remarks directed toward Chinese-Americans
living in Akron. [Source:]

During a recent Akron City Council retreat, Council Members Daniel Horrigan (Ward 1) and John Otterman (Council Vice President), the following exchange took place:

"I thought the County was supposed to build a new cattery.  I donít want
to say cat-eatery, but cattery."

"Thatís that Chinese restaurant over in North Hill."  (John Otterman) (Laughter)

Other comments "on the record" include a statement by Councilman Michael
Williams, that he would "sleep fine" if 10,000-20,000 cats were killed as a
result of the new ordinance.

Akron City Councilman Daniel Horrigan, drew very loud laughter from the
assembled council members on 2/10/02 at his "and on the third day it was
empty" quote referring to the then stated policy of killing all impounded
cats and kittens on the third day.

We find these sort of comments from public officials to be completely unacceptable. These elected "leaders" are a disgrace to themselves, the City of Akron and the State of Ohio.

We intend to share this information with our friends and business colleagues and urge them tojoin us in a boycott of your state.

Thank you for your time.


cc: Governor Taft:[email protected]
Akron City Coucil:   
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
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