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From 11 July 2002
Special Edition

Akron, Ohio
City Council Passes Emergency Cat Ordinance Deadly To Felines.

Doomed Free Roaming Cats in Akron have been trapped and some or all allegedly killed by an inhumane method of euthanasia referred to as The Heart Stick.  (For those of you unfamiliar with this atrocious method of killing here is a brief description:)

I. C. (Intracardiac), The Heart Stick

(Akron states that they first sedate all animals euthanized by this method.)

There is no way of proving the cats are sedated first before being killed with the heart stick killed. Following is an example of untrustworthy humans actions when they used this form of euthanasia improperly on shelter animals.

Animals must be protected from any chance of abuse. A more humane form of euthanasia should be used in Akron to prevent any chance of a situation like the following:


"Robeson County Animals Shelter Sued By Animal Rights Group"

A group filed a lawsuit against the Robeson County Animal Shelter. The undercover video is evidence in the lawsuit, which claims animals are being killed inhumanely, violating state law.

"[The animals were] slapped, and kicked and stabbed in the heart and held up in midair on the choke stick and then just dropped into wheelbarrows with some of them falling all over the cement on top of each other," Walker said of what she saw on the tape.

WRAL asked two Raleigh veterinarians with no connection to the case to view the tape. Workers in the tape are shown putting the animals to death with a needle which is supposed to be placed precisely into the heart.

"It's terrible," said Dr. Warren Gintis.  "There's no attempt to look for the heart.  They are just sticking at the chest. They'll die eventually because it will go into the lungs and from the lungs it will filter back to the heart.  It is not a quick and humane death."

National veterinary standards dictate that animals be sedated before use of a heart stick, which does not appear to be happening in the tape.

"Watching this, I don't have the sense that they care to do it properly.  It's just an assembly line," said Gintis.



This law has caused quite an uproar in Akron. This council passed the
ordinance without consulting any animal welfare people. The ordinance as it
now stands is totally ineffective and doesn't address the problem nor offer a
solution. All efforts by local citizens for a more humane law were ignored.

(Click on the photos or links to enlarge)

CHAP held a candlelight vigil yesterday June 24, 2002 on the eve of the new cat killing ordinance. It was held in front of city hall at 6:30 PM. Afterwards, members proceeded to the regularly scheduled city council meeting at 7PM where they were ignored by their elected officials. Video clips of the event will be posted soon.  (Enlarge Left - Right Photo)

Following are the 5 proposals CHAP submitted to Council as humane, successful alternatives to their kill/kill, nonproductive ordinance.

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