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From 11 July 2002
Special Edition

Akron, Ohio
City Council Passes Emergency Cat Ordinance Deadly To Felines.


We are submitting five options for consideration as alternatives to the
recently passed cat ordinance.  All of these options address the immediate
concerns of persons complaining about cats as well as offering long-term

Throughout the United States, and indeed, throughout the world, communities
have found that  trap and euthanize programs do not decrease the number of
cats picked up or the number of complaints.  It is necessary to address the
root of the problem--- too many cats are being born,  and too many people are
not being responsible pet owners.  As a result, communities are turning to
comprehensive plans that emphasize education and offer affordable and
accessible spay/neuter services for owned and un-owned cats.

Other Ohio cities such as Cleveland, Toledo, and Columbus all have programs
offering the above services and are partnering with humane organizations and
community volunteers.  They are finding great support from the community as a whole on humane, non-lethal solutions to the perceived problems created by
free-roaming cats.  The eyes of the nation are on the City of Akron regarding
this issue.  We the citizens of Akron, have faith that our lawmakers will do
the right thing and pursue the comprehensive, cost-effective and humane
alternatives that have been presented here.  It is our hope that we can begin
to work together to make our community a better, kinder, and more progressive place in which to live.

Citizens objecting to this law have formed a group, CHAP, they have at their
website a written copy of an Akron City Council meeting (which can also be
heard by downloading a player). You will be shocked to hear the giggling,
meowing and even racial slurs that took place at this discussion. Much joking
was made concerning the loss of the cats lives after three days. There was
also unflattering references to Chinese restaurants.

We cannot let this mind-frame continue. Please read the following articles
and letters.

Feel free to email city council, the mayor andGovernor Taft of Ohio. You may use the letters provided by stating they repesemnt your feelings or be
creative and write your own.
Email addresses  are at end of this article.
"Save Our Cats" (CHAP) website:

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