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From 12 December 2002 Issue

A.I.P. Undercover


I got a phone call from someone who had been told about a neglected dog. We met within half an hour and went to the address we had been given. We walked behind the house, towards the dog kennels, in the backyard. There were no dogs barking. It was cold and the sun was setting.

Neglect is Abuse

One severely emaciated dog, a yellow lab mix, lay dead in his kennel. He had no food or water. His mouth was holding on to the chain link fencing which had imprisoned him, twenty feet from a house full of people. His paw extended out through the chain link fence, as if reaching for help. A tarpaulin had been strategically placed over the side of the kennel, to prevent neighbors from seeing into the dogs' prison. The kennel next to him also had no food or water. That dog had apparently been dragged out of it's kennel, dead. Her starved, lifeless body was lying just outside the chain link door.

One Amazing Woman

Why had the neighbors not called the police BEFORE the dogs died? Why had neighbors not called authorities when they saw the dogs had no food or water? Surely, these dogs had been barking for months, if not years. They barked and barked for help, but no one listened. A whole neighborhood of people and no one listening. Finally one woman heard the dogs' cries for help. One woman. One woman is all it took to ask a passerby for help. This brave female reached out to someone she didn't even know. I don't know her name, but whoever you are: THANK YOU. THANK YOU FOR SAVING A LIFE!!

The Third Dog

Emaciated, scared, thirsty, fifteen pounds underweight, she cowered in her pen. It wasn't difficult to kick in the rusted kennel door and scoop her up. She smelled disgusting, her ribs protruding, her body weak and fragile from starvation. She was shaking with cold and fright. We looked into her sad, beautiful sunken eyes and saw a hopeful, grateful being smiling back at us.

At her new home, Lilly was given a bath, ate food, drank water, played with a dog friend and slept on a clean, soft blanket in the warm living room. She peed on the floor, but no one said anything, because we knew Lilly wasn't housetrained yet. Besides, because her internal organs had begun to shut down, Lilly's body could not produce much urine. Gradually, her body would adjust to the great food and adequate water intake. Lilly is now safe, happy, well-fed, being housetrained and is free from suffering. She is still underweight, but not for long!

If you hear a dog barking, please remember Lilly and her two friends lying dead on cold concrete. If you hear a dog's constant barking, go take a look why the dog is trying to communicate with you. Dogs bark for a reason: boredom, loneliness, fright, hunger, thirst... If you hear a dog's constant bark don't jump to conclusions, go check the dog's condition. Does he/she have water, food, shelter, attention, love, companionship? Is he/she imprisoned on a chain? Is he/she hurt, sick, injured, neglected or otherwise abused? Call the police. Call your local Animal Control. Call for help.

Call because Lilly's two friends were starved to death on Thanksgiving 2002.


Written and submitted by an anonymous person. Location unknown

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