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From 12 June 2001 Issue:

IAMS - the suffering behind the science

You wouldn't think that a pet food company would cut up, make sick, and kill innocent animals. THINK AGAIN.

Uncaged Campaigns have carried out another shocking exposť of the vivisection industry. This time, the spotlight of truth has been turned on pet food company IAMS, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble since 1999. Today's Sunday Express (article attached) describes how IAMS have been performing painful and deadly experiments on dogs and cats for several years. IAMS is currently being heavily advertised in the UK, and is a major sponsor of Crufts which is taking place this (25-28 May 2001) weekend. Uncaged Campaigns will be at Crufts today (Sunday 27 May) to raise awareness of IAMS cruel experiments with visitors, celebrity guests and stall-holders. The suffering behind the IAMS 'science' has not been brought to the public's attention -- until now.

Buried in obscure scientific publications are the details of experiments on at least 460 cats and dogs supported by the IAMS company -- cats and dogs just like our cherished companions. These experiments were not designed to help the animals involved. These innocent victims were simply used as disposable objects -- a means to an end. Behind the corporate PR lies a painful reality...

28 female cats had their abdomens cut open and solution injected repeatedly into their bowels. (Nutrition Research: 1319-1328, September 2000)

24 young dogs were given kidney failure by the removal of one kidney and the damaging of the other. All the dogs were killed after being fed an experimental diet and their kidneys analyzed. (American Journal of Veterinary Research: 1357-1365, August 1991)

18 young Great Danes were fed on differing diets and at eighteen months of age their bones from their front and back right legs were cut out and then stressed until they broke. Pigs were also used in similar experiments. (Proceedings of 1998 IAMS Nutrition Symposium: 29-40)

18 beagle puppies were dosed with a drug that damaged their kidneys. Blood samples were taken repeatedly and urine collected via a tube inserted into the puppies' bladders via their penises. All the dogs were killed and their kidneys' analyzed. (American Journal of Veterinary Research: 948-956, June 1996)

Dan Lyons, director of Uncaged Campaigns, comments: "No reasonable person can ever accept the conduct of painful and lethal experiments on one animal in the distant hope that some information might emerge that might be useful for another animal. After all this is similar what the Nazi's did -- experiment on some humans supposedly to try to benefit other humans. I look after a wonderful cat, Zorro, and I'm deeply concerned for his welfare -- but I could never, ever think it right to perform painful and deadly experiments on another cat even if I thought it would benefit Zorro. It's nasty, violent and unfair.

"There's nothing wrong with trying to find out how to improve diets for animals, but the right way to do that is to observe the same guidelines that exist for medical research involving children. Samples and readings can be taken during veterinary or medical treatments that are conducted for the benefit of those individuals. Post mortem studies can be carried out if tragedies occur and children or animals die. Other noninvasive and harmless observations can be made. But it is deeply hypocritical and unethical to buy animals bred specifically to be vivisected, and then inflict suffering and death on them. If IAMS were genuinely concerned about animal welfare they would not be actively damaging and slaughtering innocent animals. We call on them to stop vivisection immediately and adopt cruelty-free research methods."

For further information and interviews, please contact Dan Lyons on 07799 117694, and see our website at 

Source: Chibob44

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