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From 12 June 2001 Issue:

Kevin's Corner

A few weeks ago we discussed dogs, their emotions and how to tell what they are thinking.  Today I would like to talk about cats.

A soft meow is definitely a hello, how are you.  A long loud meow is always an expression of needs, the cat is hungry or wants some attention.  If they make a sound that is like a gentle RR with a little trill at the end, they want you to approach them.

Cats hear sounds that are high pitched so it is wise to speak to your cat in high pitched sounds, like kissing.  Words that begin with ch, sh, h, f, s and w are easier for them to hear.

Whiskers are also used as a form of expression.  If they stick out she is content, if flat against her face she is feeling threatened.

If your cat or any cat appears uncomfortable or threatened by your appearance turn side ways.  A cat will feel more comfortable viewing you at this angle.  In simple language, you appear smaller to them and less threatening.

Their face is another source of expression.  If they rub their face against you or touch noses they are once again saying hello.  If they are a shy cat and feel such personal contact with you is too much they will rub their face against a nearby chair or other object.

If you would like to greet your cat, kneel down on the floor in front of her.   Now ball your fingers up and extend them in front of you. This approximates their nose and should get a response.

Have A Nice Day, Kevin

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