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From 12 June 2001 Issue:

(Presenting Steve Hindi founder of SHARK, his mission.)

nl-12jun2001-tiger1.jpg (70573 bytes)Ex-hunter and fisherman puts his "bloody" days behind him. "Whenever we are allowed outside into the jail courtyard, I look out at the flocks of geese flying overhead and think that maybe, just maybe, some of those geese are ones that are still alive today because we warned them. And I think, yes, they were worth it."

These were the words of SHARK founding president Steve Hindi during a period of incarceration resulting from a hunter interference charge. Steve Hindi, the man who just over ten years ago, would have been more likely be behind the barrel of gun instead of in front of it.

After hunting for most of his life, Steve turned around when he witnessed a horrific example of live pigeon shooting. From that point on, compassion, not killing, became his life goal.

Read about Steve's conversion from hunter to activist in I was a fish killer.

As volunteer president of SHARK today, Hindi has led the organization to several victories for the animals: statewide bans on horse-tripping and live pigeon shoots in Illinois, shutting down various hunting clubs and canned hunts across the country, international exposure of the truth behind rodeos and bullfighting, helping to prosecute domestic animal cruelty cases... This list goes on and on and continues to grow today.

The History of SHARK

Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) was founded by Steve Hindi, a former hunter, and incorporated in 1993. As a "sportsman," Steve hunted many species of animals both on land and in the sea. He killed for thirty years until the life-shattering day when, en route to shark hunting in the Atlantic Ocean, Steve attended the infamous Hegins pigeon shoot in Pennsylvania.

CONSCIOUS CHOICE MAGAZINE High Tech Animal Activism The slaughter of thousands of nonhuman victims, and the involvement of children in the horrific killings, was too much for Steve to tolerate. He vowed to stop pigeon shoots, and went on to dedicate his life to ending the abuse of all animals.

Steve almost single-handedly stopped Illinois pigeon shoots, and rallied national support against the Hegins pigeon shoot. He went to pigeon shoots all over Pennsylvania, and graphically video documented the abuse. Pennsylvania courts are now dealing with pigeon shoots, with Steve's documentation as part of the evidence in the case.


nl-12jun2001-tiger2.jpg (51545 bytes)SHARK is a nonprofit organization with a mailing list of over 8000 people around the US and beyond. SHARK receives no government funding and completely relies on donations and grants to work on issues ranging in scope from local to worldwide.

ANIMAL PEOPLE HIGH-TECH ACTIVISM: The high cost of losing vs. the economics of victory With a small core of volunteers, and a staff of one (who works full-time for part-time pay), SHARK battles tirelessly against bullfighting, pigeon shoots, turkey shoots, canned hunts (and all hunting), rodeos, circuses, zoos, and marine parks ... any issue that involves violation of the innate rights of living creatures.

SHARK also conducts animal rescues and education projects. Steve Hindi has an open invitation to debate the opposition. Because of his domination of past debates with animal abusers, however, it has been years since the opposition has been foolish enough to take him on.

Our Methods

ANIMAL PEOPLE The SHARKS whom hunters fear SHARK's number one tool is video footage, and no one does video quite like SHARK. Using hidden video, long range video, and even video cameras that see in the dark, SHARK leaves no place for animal abusers to hide. SHARK's award-winning video footage is supplied to local, national and international media, lawmakers, courts and other animal advocacy organizations.

SHARK has also taken to the air to help animals, using Ultralite aircraft to divert animals from hunters' bows and guns, for surveillance, and to protest animal cruelty. Dubbed the "Birds of Prey," SHARK's Animal Rights Air Force sends animal abusers scurrying for cover.

Our Successes

nl-12jun2001-tiger3.jpg (74336 bytes)SHARK's victories eclipses even international animal advocacy organizations. Of our many successes, some of the more noteworthy include:

Forcing multinational snack food and soda giant PepsiCo to pull its sponsorship of bullrings in Mexico. Exposing and eliminating many rodeos around the country. Exposing and eliminating live pigeon shoots in Illinois, and a major contribution of video documentation and strategies to the fight against pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. Exposing and eliminating live turkey shoots at the Lone Pine Sportsmen's Club in Pennsylvania. Exposing and contributing to the banning of horse tripping in Illinois. Exposed, and eliminating the rocket netting and captive bolt slaughter of deer in DuPage County, Illinois. This graphic and disturbing footage was then used to eliminate the same cruelty in Cook County, Illinois, and went on to eliminate rocket netting across the country. Exposed and caused the shutdown of a Rock Falls, Illinois, dog pound after exposing the use of captive bolt guns to kill dogs and cats as a means of euthanasia. Used undercover video to persuade many schools to stop using donkey basketball games as fund-raisers.

Our Future

As SHARK's resources grow, we will take on more and larger projects worldwide. We are determined to eliminate the cruelty of rodeos and circuses, and the indefensible torture of bullfights with the continuation of video exposes.

Editors NOTE:"This video exposure is done with a large truck, which Steve calls "The Tiger." It has multiple video screens, one on each side for a total of four different screens. Each screen plays a video depicting animal abuse.

Being mobile, Steve is able to attract the attention of many people. This innovative source of exposing animal abuse holds many prospects. Steve will be able to display animals abuse without any censorship. Public awareness can only increase as Steve continues his plans.

One of Steve's" missions is the brutal dog meat industry in South Korea. As Animals In Print is dedicated to this issue we wish to support Steve in his endeavors. "

Depending on their resources, SHARK plans to launch the world's largest mobile video display to carry the message of animal issues to cities and towns around North America. If this project is as successful as anticipated, we hope for a fleet of these high-impact vehicles across the country.

Depending on resources, SHARK plans to construct a website exposing and tracking animal serial killers, to keep caring people alerted in case their pets might be at risk.

Depending on resources, SHARK hopes to make legal challenges across the country against the cruelty of rodeos using existing cruelty regulations which we believe are currently ignored, and simply need to be enforced.

We would appreciate your support on this exciting journey toward to more peaceful and compassionate planet. You will not find a more effective, efficient or dedicated organization. We look forward to having you as part of the SHARK team as we press on for the rights of nonhumans worldwide.

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