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From 12 November 2002 Issue

Problems With Neutered Cats Spraying Indoors?
NOW a Cheap, Safe, And Effective Solution "

I am happy to share with my readers a simple solution that discourages neutered cats from spraying.

 One very serious problem people experience with their companion cats is that of the unwanted spraying. The urine is unsanitary, smelly and can ruin about every surface it regularly touches. While there are many different solutions on the market to discourage and change this behavior, nothing seems to be 100% and at best most solutions offer a reduction in spraying.

Now for under ten dollars you can begin today to end this behavior. What do you need?

What mysterious product can almost guarantee an end to your kitty spraying?

Very simple, Catnip.  That's right, "Catnip."

You will need to purchase a spray can of catnip and a small package of ground up flakes. Go to the areas that the cats spray. Wash the area as best as you can and then spray the surface with catnip. If it is a fabric or can be damaged by the spray sprinkle or rub a little of the catnip flakes/powder on the area.
Watch the results. The cat will approach the area ready for a good old spray. But wait! The scent of the catnip distracts him and also causes that "silly kitty response." Soon the cat will forget what he was about to do as he enjoys his Kitty High.

Watch the cat/cats closely. If they start spraying in a different area spray that too. Soon you will have broken the habit and can slowly decrease the need for the catnip.

Source: Linda Beane

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