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From 14 July 2003 Issue

Are Cows Dumb Or Smart

Hoard's Dairyman asked that question in their Christmas issue, 1971 (Volume 116, Number 24, page 1333).

That's an important question for both dairymen and animal rights activists. Dumb old animals don't deserve rights, do they? That might be a dairy farmer's argument, while animal rights activists argue that all animals are born with the ability to feel pain.

So, are cows smart or stupid? Authors as compared to our, Albright, and Kilgour settled that argument 22 years ago.

They wrote:

"The cow is a most versatile animal with unique behavioral traits."

"After the calf is born, the mother forms a bond with her youngster. The unique learning phenomenon is established soon after birth."

"When you think of the complexity of the cow's brain, it is apparent that she is an animal capable of carrying out complex instructions."

So, the cow is not so stupid after all, according to dairy experts. Imagine her inability to reason those final moments of a life in which she is removed from the farm, placed on a truck, shipped to an auction ring where she is tortured with cattle prods, sold to the highest bidder, then trucked again to her painful death in a slaughterhouse.

Are cows smart or stupid?

Once and for all, we know the answer to that tormenting question. I anxiously await the sequel to this intriguing 1971 article. We've yet to determine, "Are humans smart... or stupid?"

Robert Cohen

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