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From 14 May 2002 Issue

Hunters are terrorists of animal world
By Gary Yourofsky

Before I refute every hunting lie ever espoused, let me begin with a
quote from the great philosopher Pythagoras: "As long as humanity continues
to be the ruthless destroyer of other beings, we will never know health or
peace. For as long as people massacre animals, they will kill each other.
Indeed those who sow the seed of murder and pain will never reap joy and

Antithetically, here's a comment from Ted Nugent, the world's most
outspoken hunter: "I contribute to the dead of winter and the moans of
silence, blood trails are music to my ears. I'm a gut-pile addict. The pig
didn't know I was there. It's my kick. I love shafting animals."

Animal rights humanitarians are fed up with hunters, their government
cronies and their sick mentalities. Hunting is not sound science. It is sound
fun for unsound individuals who commit unrepentant violence against animals.

Furthermore, the so-called experts who work for animal-killing state
agencies, such as the Department of Natural Resource, the Natural Resources
Commission and the Huron Clinton Metropark Authority, are not "experts."
They're hunters and hunt supporters.

And it is remarkably scandalous that these agencies make decisions about
the fate of wild animals. Using this logic, we should allow pedophiles to
enforce child protection laws and misogynists to govern domestic abuse

Here's an idea: How about discarding the hunting propaganda and employing
a tactic rarely used by hunters: the truth.

Hunters hunt for the thrill of the kill. They receive a heroine-like rush
to the senses. Hunting is blood lust and dominance. Hunting is hatred and
violence. Hunting is murder. And it's obscene.

Most people are unaware, but in 1971, there were about 500,000 deer in
Michigan, but that wasn't enough to appease the hunting community. So the DNR decided to change Michigan's "old forest" situation by instituting the Deer
Range Improvement Program. The DRIP clear-cut 1.2 million acres of forest to
create a more accessible food supply for deer and further stimulate

Add to this the disproportionate number of licenses issued to kill male
deer and you have a major increase in numbers. Killing male deer increases
the herd by causing the females' internal reproductive mechanisms to go
haywire, resulting in the births of twins and triplets. Any wildlife
biologist not associated with the hunting community will aver that this is

The DRIP program and buck-hunting caused the deer herd to reach two
million last year, an increase of 1.5 million since 1971. That makes the
hunting community solely responsible for the increase in deer-car collisions.

Here's what Dave Arnold, a DNR executive, told the Free Press on Jan. 1,
1980: "Don't lose sight of the purpose of the (DRIP) program. When the DNR
decided several years ago to try and increase the herd to about one million
animals, we knew the auto collision rate and crop damage would rise."

In the early 1990s, pro-hunting Gov. John Engler created the Hunting and
Heritage Task Force. In paragraph six of the edict, it states, "While
Michigan offers widespread opportunities to hunt and fish, more could be done
to encourage participation, especially in high population centers. All
divisions within the DNR should work together, making hunting and fishing
more accessible on both public and private lands. Where possible, expand
opportunities to hunt and fish within urban parks and recreation areas."

This was the sole purpose behind the recent deer killings at our
Metroparks. The hunting community claimed that deer were eating up the
trillium plants. But the hunters wouldn't know the difference between
trillium and helium.

The hunting community wants to perform deadly rituals closer to the
anti-hunting suburbanites to make them indifferent to their blood sport.
Hunters know that apathy benefits their bloody rites. Neutrality only
benefits the oppressors.

Moreover, this nonsense about how killing deer helps donate food to the
hungry is only a clever public relations gimmick to try to place a halo
around those who murder animals for fun.

These animal killers also pulled a typical deceptive act. In an amazing
attempt to discredit my activism, a few hunters claimed that I threatened to
gut a hunter's child and blow up some cars over the recent deer killings at
our Metroparks. Those charges are untrue, insidious and outrageous.

I threatened to take a bullet for the deer via civil disobedience and form
my own deer-police unit.

However, I did challenge six hunters to show me how tough they really
were. I wanted to beat them down and show them what oppression, violence and domination was all about. Unfortunately, they refused my challenge.

If there's one thing I've learned in six years of intense activism, it's
that all hunters, vivisectionists, circus trainers, furriers, trappers, rodeo
cowboys and factory farmers are cowards who never fight those who fight back.

Gary Yourofsky is founder and president of Animals Deserve Absolute
Protection Today and Tomorrow ( in Royal Oak.

Liberation Front Guidelines
To liberate animals from places of abuse, ie laboratories, factory farms, fur
farms, etc, and place them in good homes where they may live out their
natural lives, free from suffering.

To inflict economic damage to those who profit from the misery and
exploitation of animals.

To reveal the horror and atrocities committed against animals behind locked
doors, by performing non-violent direct actions and liberations.

To take all necessary precautions against harming any animal, human and

Any group of people who are vegetarians or vegans and who carry out actions
according to A.L.F. guidelines have the right to regard themselves as part of
the A.L.F.

The Animal Liberation Front consists of small autonomous groups of people all
over the world who carry out direct action according to the A.L.F. guidelines.

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