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From 15 April 2002 Issue

Warning: Cigarettes Can Kill Your Pets

Tobacco products contain varying amounts of nicotine with cigarettes containing 13-30 mg and cigars containing 15-40 mg. Butts contain about 25% of the total nicotine content. The oral LD-50 in dogs is 9.2 mg/kg.

Signs often develop quickly (usually within 15-45 minutes) and include excitation, tachypnea, salivation, emesis, and diarrhea. Muscle weakness, twitching, depression, tachycardia, shallow respiration, collapse, coma, and cardiac arrest can follow the period of excitation. Death occurs secondary to respiratory paralysis.

Table of nicotine content of common sources of nicotine. Nicotine Product
Nicotine Content
Cigarettes 3-30 mg per 1 whole cigarette
cigarette butts 5-7 mg 
cigars 15-40 mg
moist snuff 4.6-32 mg/ gram
dry snuff 12.4-15.6/ gram
chewing tobacco 2.5-8 mg/ gram
nicotine gum 2-4mg per piece
transdermal patches 15-114 mg per patch
nicotine nasal sprays 10 mg per mL
nicotine inhaler rods 10mg per cartridge

(Always for George - Always for the Rimadyl Dogs)

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