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From Animals in Print 15 November 2000 Special Edition:


Pet Smart Store Selling Inhumane Traps

Fair Lakes Pet Smart is using inhumane glue traps to control the field mice population that has been invading the cat and dog food supply. I volunteer for a cat resuce group that uses PetSmart space, and I was horrified to see many mice stuck to the traps, alive and obviously suffering horribly. Another volunteer and I removed as many of the mice as we could and set them free in a field near my house. We then sabotaged the glue traps.

I spoke to the manager about using a more humane method of controlling the mouse situation and he (Brian) told me that they would do what they could. However, as of last week they are STILL USING GLUE TRAPS. I am looking for your help in this situation for letters of protest about the Fair Lakes PetSmart's use of glue traps. I hesitate to raise more of an issue personally because my rescue groups depends on PetSmart space and I fear they may revoke their sponsorship if I press the issue. Also, they are more inclined to respond to consumer and outside pressure.

Please tell your readers to send letters of protest to PetSmart corporate Headquarters below, in reference to the inhumane use of glue traps. I have included a sample letter. There is also a phone number they can call.

Thank you very much!


19601 N. 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027 623-580-6100

Dear Sirs:

I am writing to lodge a complaint about a very disturbing situation that I have become aware of at your Fair Lakes, Virginia Store. The management there is using inhumane glue traps to control a fieldmouse population that has taken up residence in the store.

While I understand the need to control the mice, I do not believe it is necessary to use such traps. The mouse suffers a slow, painfull death while stuck to the glue trap. Many times the squealing of the suffering mice can be heard inside the store. I do not understand how PetSmart, a chain that considers itself "animal friendly" could resort to using such barbaric devices. I am also aware that complaints have been made to the management yet nothing has been done.

I strongly urge you to cease using this type of trap in ALL your stores and seek out a more humane method, such as trap and release. I will not shop at Petsmart until you cease using glue traps.


Source: [email protected]

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