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From Animals in Print 15 November 2000 Special Edition - Readers E-Mail:


In mid October our animal welfare group, Friends of the Animals, Douglas, Wyoming, was contacted by an elderly blind lady, Darla Wyland, from a small town nearby asking for help. She has enjoyed the daily companionship of her registered blue merle collie Sammy, age 4. Suffering from blindness, Darla on a limited income, could no longer afford to properly care for her dog. Our group offered to help with finding him another loving home. This was a heartbreaking decision for her.

After sixteen days with our group, in foster care and at a vet clinic being neutered, a collie-oriented family came forward with the desire to adopt Sammy. In the sixth day of Sam's trial adoption period, he went for a walk, unleashed, with the man of the house. Sammy began to walk away faster, and then run from the new owner, looking over his shoulder and gaining speed with each glance. After two blocks of chasing, the man caught up with Sammy from behind, reached down and caught him by the mane, right behind the head. He was consequently bitten. Unable to subdue the dog, the man brought him to the ground, sat on him, kneed him on the head, and pinned his head to the pavement until a family member arrived with a leash. They then walked home as if nothing had happened.

Multiple bites occurred on both hands and the wrist. The man called our home explaining the bites and stating that "he had no problem taking this dog out and shooting him". I asked him to return the dog to our home and I would have him examined and evaluated. The man then went to a medical clinic, was given a tetanus shot and his wounds were cleaned. He received no stitches. Half hour later Animal Control arrived with a camera to photograph the bites and the man refused to press any charges against our animal group. The City of Douglas then pressed charges (by citation for harboring and giving away a vicious animal) against the last foster care provider. They are recommending this dog be destroyed.

Colorado Collie Rescue was asked by us to intercede on the dog's behalf. After a three way phone conversation with the city attorney and the dog catcher, Lisa King told us the City seems determined to destroy this dog. They did keep her phone number for future reference.

Mrs. Wyland, exasperated by this turn of events, came forward yesterday, November 8th, and demanded her dog be returned. The City then wrote a second citation for vicious animal, this time against her. Mrs.Wyland's hearing comes before the municipal judge Wednesday, November 15th at 9am. She is fighting, along with our group, to keep her dog alive, to have him returned to her, and to be able to place him through Colorado Collie Rescue. This dog has never before bitten, growled at, or even raised his hackles at anyone in his life and has been gentle, as his breeding encourages, with all other animals, children, and strangers. In foster care he was the perfect house guest, and against all the foster parent rules, our family considered keeping him for our own. He is also a huge hit at the local vet clinic where he is impounded.

Our wish is for Sammy to have a second chance and a long life. Please send email or snail mail on behalf of Sammy to the following entities of your choice. Thank you for your help. Friends of the Animals, Douglas, WY [email protected]   (information by Sherry Shillenn)


News coverage:
[email protected]

Or Douglas Budget, PO Drawer 109, Douglas, Wy 82633

Municipal Judge Frank Peasley, PO Box 1030, Douglas, WY 82633
email: [email protected]

City Administrator and Mayor Kenneth Taylor, PO Box 1030 Douglas, WY 82633 [email protected]

Officer Lorie Emmert, Animal Control Supervisor 307-358-3462 (VOICE) (307-358-6443 (FAX) [email protected] 


Dear ( ):

I am insisting that Sammy, the gentle collie, not be euthanized, but released to his owner and/or Colorado Collie Rescue.

During Sammy's trial adoption period with a new family, he was let out, unleashed, for a walk with the man of the house. He began to run from the new owner. After two blocks of chasing, the man caught up with Sammy from behind, reached down and caught him by the mane, behind the head. He was consequently bitten.The man brought him to the ground, sat on him, kneed him on the head, and pinned his head to the pavement until a family member arrived with a leash.

This man did not receive stitches and refused to press any charges. Sammy has no prior history of biting, and is known for his gentle behavior with adults, children and other canines. Sammy deserves to live, and I will be following this case to help see that he does.


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