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From 15 September 2003 Issue

Adela Tells it Like it is!!

Thought you'd be interested in the following quotations by well known personalities...about violence:  

In the words of the Spanish philosopher, Miguel de Unamuno, "Sometimes to be silent is to lie." Our movement hasn't been silent but whispering at a barely audible level ... it hardly represents the brutal truth!   Ed Duvin "Animalines"  [He started the concept of "No-Kill Shelters", Adela]

Active hatred of cruelty, injustice and oppression is perhaps the main difference between a good person and a bad one.                 John Morley

Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The moderates in our movement have precious little basis for reprehending those who raid laboratories or engage in "ecotage".   To paraphrase Seneca -- "Extremism in the cause of compassion is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."   Robert A. Hansen

And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him that it is right.  Martin Luther King

This is a revolution, damn it!  We're going to have to offend somebody!  John Adams

If you can't lower heaven, raise hell!  Mother Jones (Quoted in Defense of Animals Magazine)

"Violence" vs. Passivism:
Last Centurys "Underground Railroad" illegally helped human slaves escape from bondage. They recognized the laws that legalized slavery were morally wrong and should not be legitimized with compliance. They risked their own freedom by violating the property rights of slave owners and leading slaves to freedom. Today, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) risk their freedom to liberate innocent animals that are immorally abused/injured/murdered by actions that violate the property rights of animal abusers. Animals are covertly removed from danger and placed in foster care facilities. Torturing equipment like stereotaxic devices/ decapitators/ restraining devices, etc. are damaged or destroyed to prevent their further use.  No human or non-human animal is ever harmed in any way.  St. Louis Animal Rights Team "Position Statement"                  E N D

CA Claim by animal-rights group prompts FBI probe of bomb attacks THNT 8/31,21282,799074,00.html

Claim by animal-rights group prompts FBI probe of bomb attacks

Published in the Home News Tribune 8/31/03


SAN FRANCISCO -- The FBI has opened a domestic terrorism investigation a day
after a group of self-styled animal-rights activists claimed responsibility for two small bombs that damaged the headquarters of biotechnology company Chiron Corp.

The bombs exploded at 2:55 a.m. and 4 a.m. Thursday at the company's
Emeryville campus. No one was injured and damage was limited to a few broken windows.

On Friday, an animal-rights group calling itself variously the "Animal
Liberation Brigade" and the "Revolutionary Cells" claimed responsibility for the bombs. It cited Chiron's ties to Franklin-N.J.-based Huntingdon Life Sciences, a lab that tests drugs on animals for the pharmaceutical industry.

FBI spokeswoman LaRae Quy said the bureau has not verified the claims, first
posted on the Web site of the animal rights-supporting Bite Back Magazine.

"We will definitely take a look at them" as part of the domestic terrorism
probe, Quy said.

Chiron and its executives have been confronted in recent weeks by activists
protesting the company's relationship with Huntingdon Life Sciences. Activists have noisily protested in front of employees' San Francisco Bay area homes in the early morning, harassed their neighbors and vandalized at least one Chiron executive's car, authorities said. Chiron has increased security since the periodic protests began in May.

Chiron said it does not plan to break off the relationship with Huntingdon,
though they have no current contracts.

Huntingdon's critics said they will continue to confront Chiron and its
employees. The message posted Friday threatens further violence.

"There will be no quarter given, no more half measures taken," the post
stated. "You might be able to protect your buildings, but can you protect the homes of every employee?"

A person who returned a message from The Associated Press, saying he
represented Bite Back Magazine but refusing to give his name, said the online publication received the claim of responsibility Thursday night via an anonymous e-mail.

The message was also posted on the Web site of a group called Stop
Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, which has waged a four-year campaign against Huntingdon. SHAC posts home addresses, phone numbers and other personal information of vendors, customers, investors and others connected to
Huntingdon. The group also posts what it says are accounts of actions
against their targets.

Kevin Jonas, a spokesman for SHAC, said the explosions Thursday were the
type of protest the group supports. The bombings didn't hurt anyone or cause major damage, Jonas pointed out. But Jonas said SHAC doesn't support the violent tone of Friday's message.


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