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16 December 2000
Special Edition

United Way spends thousands attacking vegetarians.

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On Wednesday, December 6, 2000, the United Way Charities ran a half-page ad on page A26 of the LA Times.

The ad read:


Anybody can ask for your money, but the United Way of Greater L.A. researches community needs to find the best way to target resources. Like funding health services for 500,000 low income residents. We're closing the gap between the rich and poor. Log on  to give. We don't want donors. We want investors.

Free the Asparagus. Call 1-800 Spear-Us

Excuse me?

My wife and I are vegetarian, and our three kids have been vegetarian from birth.

We know our kids are hard on furniture and clothes, but we had no idea that they're "more deadly than insects, rodents or drought!"

For some unknown reason, the United Way has decided to start spending the money it raises -- presumably for good works -- to target innocent people (vegetarians) who have never thought about the United Way before today --when we found out they consider our family Public Enemy Number One.

Please join us in contacting the United Way at:

United Way Los Angeles
523 West Sixth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 630-2100

and tell them that you're telling your friends and family not to donate to the United Way because they're obviously off their rockers, and can't be trusted with managing donations.

They also have a toll free 800 number where you may ask questions and share your opinion on their outrageous ad:

United Way Los Angeles: 800 339-6993 (may only work from California -- use 213 number if it doesn't work)

I called this number and the operator who took my call expressed disbelief when I read her the ad.

Start calling today, and spread the word that a charity which raises money in order to target innocent people should not be getting any more money from anyone.

Is the United Way trying to make a point that by donating to an organization that supports plant-based eating, you are throwing your money away? I can only speculate as to why they'd do something so twisted.

If you visit their website, you can watch a video which tries to enlarge the idea of their new "campaign." The video starts out with these quacks singing "free the asparagus," and then on to their video about how they (United Way) are REALLY helping people (unlike other charities), and at the end they go back to the asparagus shot and they say "so before you give your money to just anybody...give it to us because we're actually helping people." The implicationis that United Way is doing SO much more than environmental or animal charities, and the United Way is obviously unhappy that people are donating to such charities rather than to them. To see this cheap shot video, go to:  

Judging from the video, it seems to be a negative campaign they're launching, spending tens of thousands of advertising dollars attempting to disparage other charitable orgs and implying that outfits like PETA, EarthSave, Greenpeace and others are a bunch of idiots, and you shouldn't donate to them but to United Way.

Our advice would be: if you choose to donate through United Way at all, donate only money directly to a given charity you want to support, and make sure that none of your money goes to United Way itself, since they apparently have chosen to spend money they get trying to disparage other non-profits. Give your money to organizations where it counts, not to a place like United Way which will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of their resources attacking other non-profits. That doesn't feed the hungry or home the homeless.

If anyone finds out any more about this bizarre situation, please let us know by dropping an email to: [email protected]

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