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From 18 March 2003 Issue


Many organisations such as the Animal Protection, Greenpeace, Wildlife Protection, the WSPA and the IFAW reject with determination the standpoint of the WWF concerning seal hunting..

The claim of the WWF as if they only stand for species protection and not to protect the individual animals, does not justify their active support to the slaughter of the harp and hooded seals.

Given the fact that the WWF maintains their policy as having "other priorities", appears to be remarkable as they now are actively involved in justifying the seal hunt.

Please send an email to the WWF Canada :


World Wildlife Fund Canada
TO : Mr. Hummel [email protected]  

Dear Mr. Hummel,

I find it bewildering that WWF Canada agrees with the clubbing to death of over one million harp seals and the hooded seals at the Eastern Canadian coast in the next 3 years. WWF worker Dr. Robert Rengeley states that the seal is not threatened with extinction and therefore he finds hunting them no problem. I find this most revolting.

Despite years of international protests against the hunt for young seals, this hunt has only been increasing in the last years. 95% of the killed seals vary in the age of 14 days and a year. The heads of the harp seals and hooded seals are crushed by beating them with clubs or butt ends of guns. Often, these creatures are skinned while still in convulsion. The mother seals can do nothing but watch defencelessly. In 2001, an independent team of veterinarians found that 42% of the seals is skinned alive.

The government usually determines yearly the maximum number of seals to kill. For several years this number has been around 275,000. For the first time, the Canadian government set the quota for three years to come (at 350,000 a year). With this agreement, Canada basically chooses to liberalise the hunt. Also, Canada knows itself supported in this by your organistion. The Canadian government allows this gruesome hunt, under the pretext of it being good for the cod fish population and there being enough seals to justify a .harvest.. The hunt for seals is primarily for the fur industry. Besides that the penises of the seals are sold for producing love potions. When estimating the quota, Canada does not weigh that Greenland hunts the same population (about 100,000 a year!). That the number of killed seals is eventually twice as high, is a known fact. The official figures (on which policy is made) don't tell about the clubbed or shot seals that got away and the seals that are caught in fisher nets accidentally.

Your organistion says it has other priorities than the seal hunt. My question however is: why does your organisation support it? I am really upset by this and I expect you to do everything you can to change this point of view.

Please inform me about this personally.

I look forward to your reply to my questions.

Kind regards,


Source: [email protected]  


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