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From 18 March 2003 Issue


I have a story to tell you.

Back when I ate meat, 9 years ago, I had an episode that made me stop eating meat. Right then and there.

My daughter asked me about why I stopped eating meat. I explained it to her. It's all in the eyes. The eyes can be the window to the soul as I found out.

On a very hot summer day 9 years ago, I had just got the wrapper off my big Mac and took a bite when a cattle truck pulled up beside me at a stoplight. I glanced over there and I saw a nose. He was so hot and struggling for some type of cool air. Of course there was none. I felt bad for him, but then he pulled his nose back and pushed his eye to the truck hole.

That was when I saw it. Right down deep in his soul. The very soul that everyone claims he doesn't have. I saw his terror, his pain and agony. I know that he wanted my help. It might sound funny, but I think he was trying to tell me that he needed someone to save him from his hell. My heart started racing and my mind was spinning.

The truck pulled away and I realized that I have a burger in my hand. I just cried. I just held it there like it was an alien or something. My first realization that this $2.00 burger was not worth a life. It wasn't worth the suffering. And that all these years I was eating burgers figuring that they would die anyway cause others ate them too. I put a lot in prospective in that short time.

Then I began reflecting....... I can't even begin to count how many burgers I've shoved in mouth in my lifetime. Why I'm still alive and they aren't because they taste good. We kill them because we can, we eat them because we can. Socially acceptable doesn't always mean right. Since that day in August, I have never looked at meat in lust, or ate a single morsel of meat.

I told my little girl that I also felt so bad for all the times I ate meat. Not so much when I was young and knew no different, but the countless times I knew what I was doing and did it anyway. I told her that I wished I could say how sorry I am to all those who I have eaten. Sounds crazy right? I can't help it. She told me that I should write a poem about it. I did.

The Vow

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