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From 23 March 2004 Issue


Piddling Poodle Puppy

Dear Jill,

Our 10 month old miniature poodle is piddling all over the kitchen floor when we go out.  We have tried putting newspapers down for her to go on, but she won't use them.  We are worried that she will start peeing on our carpeting in other rooms of the house, so we have started closing the door to the kitchen, so she stays in there while we are out.

We have to work during the day and sometimes I don't make it home for lunch.  She drinks a lot of water or something and can't seem to wait until I get home. Sometimes when I do make it home to let her out, she gets so excited she pees indoors.  I don't know if she means to, but it has to stop. After all, she is no longer a baby. Our friend said to take her to a class for dog obedience, and we will but is there something we should be doing meanwhile?  We read your articles and think you're good.  Thank you.

Dear Marcia,

A ten month old puppy is still a "baby" dog.  With proper coaching, your miniature poodle puppy can be completely housetrained and paper-trained in a short time.  But first, please take your dog to the vet to rule out any medical reasons for incontinence.  If your poodle passes the veterinarian's inspection, try using commercial "piddle pads" (available at pet-supply stores) instead of newspapers, for times you are not able to make it home.  These pads have a man when necessary.  How many hours a day do you leave your dog alone?  Please do not leave your dog all day without walking her or allowing her to "go."

Love and paw pats,
Jillouise Breslauer
Companion Animal Behavior Consultant
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