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From 19 April 2004 Issue

NOTMILK - More Pus in Happy-Cow Milk 
By Robert Cohen

California has "Happy Cows," or so we are told by
the California Milk Board's propaganda machine.

The latest state-by-state pus cell count, as
reported in the April 10, 2004 issue of Hoard's
Dairyman, the "National Dairy Farm Magazine,"
(page 268) reveals that the number of pus cells in
milk from California's unhappily diseased "Happy
Cows" has soared to a new heights. In 2002, the
average liter of California milk contained 298
million pus cells. In 2003, the average liter of
California milk contained 11 million more pus
cells than in 2002.

When pus cell counts increase, that is a sign of
diseased and stressed cows, not happy cows.

Good news for Wisconsin's cheeseheads. Their pus
cell count has been reduced from an average of 297
million to 286 million.

What other states are now drinking unhealthier milk?
California did not suffer the greatest increase.
Here are the top three loser states and their per
liter pus cell increases:

Alabama (73 million more pus cells per average liter)
Florida (85 million more pus cells per average liter)
Nevada (87 million more pus cells per average liter)

The "Notmilk Trying Harder Award" goes to:

Oklahoma (127 million less pus cells per liter)
Arkansas (99 million less pus cells per liter)
South Dakota (73 million less pus cells per liter)

The vilest most putrid pus-filled milk:

By far, Florida, with an average of 633 million pus
cells per liter, an increase of nearly 16 percent over
2002. Yeech!

The cleanest milk:

Montana (a mere 236 million pus cells per average liter)

America has less stringent standards than Europe
and Canada. If America adopted the healthier
standards (no more than 400 million pus cells
per liter, instead of our allowable 750 million
standard), only two states would be permitted to
sell their milk every day of the week: Montana and
Washington. All other states exceed the magic
(arbitrary) 400 million pus cells per liter in 15%
or more of the tests.

Pus in milk? A dairy cow filters ten thousand
quarts of blood through her udder each day and
uses dead white blood cells (somatic cells) to
manufacture her milk. These dead cells are pus
cells. Dairy scientists are aware that when
one quart of milk is tainted with 400 million
or more pus cells, some 35% of the milking
cows in the herd are infected with mastitis.
Udders bleed and discharge bacteria, mucus,
and blood into milk.

Number of pus cells Per Liter of Milk in Your State:


AL - 444,000,000 517,000,OOO
AZ - 360,000,000 353,000,OOO
AR - 486,000,000 387,000,OOO
CA - 298,000,000 309,000,OOO
CO - 312,000,000 296,000,OOO
CT - 310,000,000 304,000,OOO
DE - 386,000,000 392,000,OOO
FL - 548,000,000 633,000,OOO
GA - 407,000,000 479,000,OOO
ID - 320,000,000 307,000,OOO
IL - 322,000,000 314,000,OOO
IN - 343,000,000 375,000,OOO
IA - 333,000,000 316,000,OOO
KS - 476,000,000 372,000,OOO
KY - 413,000,000 419,000,OOO
LA - 479,000,000 498,000,OOO
ME - 290,000,000 282,000,OOO
MD - 351,000,000 345,000,OOO
MA - 308,000,000 316,000,OOO
MI - 287,000,000 313,000,OOO
MN - 420,000,000 353,000,OOO
MS - 442,000,000 480,000,OOO
MO - 437,000,000 395,000,OOO
MT - 248,000,000 236,000,OOO
NE - 443,000,000 382,000,OOO
NV - 330,000,000 417,000,OOO
NH - 299,000,000 263,000,OOO
NJ - 339,000,000 365,000,OOO
NM - 311,000,000 311,000,OOO
NY - 280,000,000 285,000,OOO
NC - 364,000,000 414,000,OOO
ND - 344,000,000 287,000,OOO
OH - 327,000,000 327,000,OOO
OK - 483,000,000 356,000,OOO
OR - 286,000,000 260,000,OOO
PA - 317,000,000 346,000,OOO
RI - 206,000,000 256,000,OOO
SC - 404,000,000 448,000,OOO
SD - 459,000,000 386,000,OOO
TN - 413,000,000 476,000,OOO
TX - 342,000,000 364,000,OOO
UT - 284,000,000 262,000,OOO
VT - 302,000,000 280,000,OOO
VA - 333,000,000 374,000,OOO
WA - 275,000,000 253,000,OOO
WV - 422,000,000 395,000,OOO
WI - 297,000,000 286,000,OOO
WY - 341,000,000 289,000,OOO

Robert Cohen

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