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From 18 May 2004 Issue

NOTMILK - Happy Cows

Each time I see one of those "Happy Cow" television
ads produced by the California Dairy Board, I spend
a painful moment considering the truth. These dairy
and meat producers have some nerve trying to sell us
their distorted "happy" animal message.

Paul Shapiro (Executive Director of Compassion Over
Killing, a nonprofit animal advocacy organization based
in Washington, D.C.) suggested that I watch this one-minute
video. I did, and I now dare you to watch this interpretation
of the real life and death story of "happy" farm animals:

Paul's work is heroic. Please visit his website, and
offer your support:

If only slaughterhouses had glass walls. Dairymen do not
want consumers to witness how every single one of those
California "Happy Cows" ends her life. Three million
not-so-happy cows will have their throats slashed this
year so that Americans can continue eating unhealthy Dr.
Atkin's unhealthy diet.

Imagine for a moment each creature's experience. She is
loaded onto a crowded truck, packed in tightly with her
sisters. She is then driven many miles in the middle of
the night to her death. Some animals do not make it that
far. They cry. They scream. Those unlucky enough to survive
the trip are roughly unloaded from the truck and are
prodded with electrical devices of torture to go up a ramp
to their final fate. Stun gun, sharp knife to the throat,
meat hook; some remain conscious as the blood still drains
from the wounds in their necks. Those who feel pain react
by kicking wildly. They are rewarded by having their thrashing
legs removed by slaughterhouse workers with chainsaws. The
adrenaline permeates their flesh.

A non-producing cow is culled from her herd and sent to the
slaughterhouse when she is no longer profitable to the dairy
farmer. Often times, disease ravishes her stressed body.
Tumors grow. Leukemia or tuberculosis or bovine AIDS
overwhelms her compromised immune system.

Three times per day milking dissolves their bones from
within. Milking cows end their lives this way. They are
given no respect as living, feeling creatures. Ear tags
merely identify cows as numbered agricultural units.

Each animal is skinned, gutted, and beheaded. The sum
total of her life is now referred to as meat. She is
cut up into halves, then quartered, then portioned.

Warning: Enter at your own risk.
Here is the reality of each happy cow's fate:

And here's the truth right from a cow's mouth:

Robert Cohen

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