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From 18 May 2004 Issue

Warning: PETMATE Kennel allegedly deadly to dogs

Animals In Print Reports These As Allegations,
Judge For Yourself at :

Don’t let this happen to your beloved dog or puppy. This kennel is poorly designed as your puppy or dog can easily get the hooks undone. These hooks are what connect the sides to the top, bottom, front and back to make the kennel “sturdy.” It is NOT sturdy and it is NOT safe!
My puppy was able to easily get one of the hooks unlatched that connected the front to the top; this created an opening that she attempted to jump through. Tragically, her legs and belly got stuck and I found her when I got home. Her belly was caught around the lock which caused her to slowly bleed to death internally. It was the most horrific sight I have ever seen and is etched in my memory forever. I believe she put up quite a fight in an attempt to survive.
I can see an older and larger dog easily getting his head stuck in this type of opening resulting in possible strangulation. Please do not risk your puppy or dog’s life and safety. And,
PLEASE DO NOT BUY or USE THIS PetMate Wire Kennel.
I tried so hard to prevent any future deaths from occurring as a result of this Petmate Wire Kennel, but sadly I was unable to do so. I have just learned of the tragic death of another dog, Molly, a beloved cocker spaniel that was also killed by this wire kennel on May 6th, 2004.
This product was made by the company listed below:
Doskocil Manufacturing, Inc. (PetMate) Gary Baughman – CEO
P.O. Box 1246 1-877-738-6283
Arlington, Texas USA 76004-1246 [email protected]
Other problems reported about this Petmate Wire Kennel:

Sent : Monday, May 10, 2004 9:53 PM

Subject : Our family dog died in this crate on Thursday, May 6, 2004.

To the parents of Jasmine:

My name is Beth. I got Molly for my mother, Elizabeth, almost 13 years ago to keep my mother company as I left home to join the Army. Molly did just that. Molly was a cocker spaniel and weighed less than 30lbs. Yes, she was old and lived out most of her life, and it was a good life. But Molly didn't deserve to die the way she did, just as your Jasmine.

My Mom purchased the Petmate crate from Wal-Mart in Johnstown, Pennsylvania on April 3, 2004. We already had two crates that were purchased about 3 or 4 months ago for her Lhasa Apso pups and then purchased this last one for her older cocker spaniel.

We do not know exactly how it happened and probably never will since no one was home at the time. But this is what we think happened. Somehow Molly got the crate to tip (almost completely impossible), and then the connector that keeps the bottom tray in place, malfunctioned and the tray came flying out. (The tray was a few feet away from the crate). Now, under the tray are larger holes than anywhere else on that crate. While the crate was tipping over, Molly's head became lodged in one of those larger holes. Then finally the crate came to a rest on top of Molly, putting extreme pressure on her windpipe. My mother is the one who found Molly in this horrible position. We believe Molly must have been there giving it all of her strength because once we returned from burring her and to clean up the mess, we found several of her teeth and some claws on the floor near the crate. That just seemed to really high the fan of shear terror. I just can't begin to image what she went through. The guilt my mother has right now is horrible. She just felt Molly would be safer in the crate than loose in the house. Believe me, we know exactly what your family has gone through. Death should never be this way.

My mother spoke to a woman at Petmate named Melba and she said their company has NEVER received any complaints about this crate ever before. I wish I would have know about your accident prior to that conversation so I could have brought up your situation. They must know that their crates are dangerous.

Sent : Thursday, February 5, 2004 9:16 PM

Subject : another pup's story

...i also came home to find my lab puppy lodged in one of those kennels. she had tried to get out and became stuck with her head outside of the cage and her body still inside. luckily, i arrived home in time. but she was quite tramatized and i feel that she was near death. she could not even walk for about 2 hours after. she still has scar tissue on her throat from the incident. i'm so sorry your situation didn't end as mine did. i wanted you to know that after reading your story, i wrote to the company and told them of my similar situation, urging them to do something about their design before more animals are hurt or worse!!! it's great that you are working so hard to warn others of the dangers of this kennel. thank you for your efforts! i will forward your email on to others on my email list, to help assure that your voice is heard...

Sent : Wednesday, February 4, 2004 6:05 PM

Subject : Jasmine/Wal-Mart FYI

...I used to be a Wal-Mart Manager and we had 2 reported dog-deaths from this kennel in my 1 store alone. HEARTBREAKING. The corporate office would not allow us to remove the crate from the shelves!!! *I* reimbursed the owners from store funds for all claims (something the company did not recommend) but how do you make up for something so tragic? You don't. We couldn't even post a warning! ...

Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2004 8:55 AM

Subject: Crates - they are all built poorly with no regard for animal safety of my fosters almost suffered the same fate as Jasmine; I had come back home after only a few minutes because I forgot something - that was the only reason he survived. He was pinned 1/2 in, 1/2 out and was being squashed. I could barely pull the thing open enough to get him out - it was that tight on him.

Sent : Friday, February 6, 2004 5:45 PM

Subject : Jasmine and the kennel

...I owned one of these kennels. I purchased it to go on the road with one of my show dogs, a 13 month old Australian Shepherd named Rookie. It was still in the box when his handler picked him and his things up. My handler complained about the kennel being difficult to set up/take down and most of all that it constantly collapsed when Rookie turned around in it. They asked not send the kennel again.

This morning I found your site mentioned in a post from an email list I am on. The two added up...... I printed out the info on your site, went to Wal Mart and returned my kennel. I insisted on cash back, not a credit (since I no longer had the receipt) and was given the money to purchase another kennel elsewhere. I also gave them your website printout. The manager was very interested and promised to follow up.

I then called the manufacturer and told them very politely that I was having problems with the kennel, to which she politely apologized. I asked them why they did not order a recall or an investigation into the product since they were apparently aware it was defective. She assured me that they had not rec'd complaints previously. I told them of your website. Her tone immediately changed and she briskly informed me that they were indeed aware of the website and that they stood behind their product. She then transferred me to the voice mail of someone who I believe handles complaints, I have not yet rec'd a call back after leaving a message...

Editors Note: Animals In Print reports this as alleged incidents that warrant serious reflections on the possible and alleged danger of this product,

Please visit the website:
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