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Animals In Print
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15 June 2004 Issue

PROTEST: People Selling Animals and Parts on Ebay

Subject: Ebay! Animals and parts

Can PETA please help stop the sale of dead animals, body parts and
frozen animals.  What Peta is allowing it be sold through their company is appalling.  The fur trade has taken over ebay as well.  There is a group called Protect R Wildlife who are trying but need the big guns like yourself to make a difference.  Share Bond is the president.

Domestic animals are also being equally abused.  One teenager was selling dead cats and killing them just to sell.  Please Please help stop this.  Ebay has become one of the largest companies for buying for the public on line.  Someone needs to carefully monitor them.

Beth Mowder
Keeper of the Wild, Inc
Charleston, SC
Rehabber 19 yrs.

I personally know Beth Mowder, and am aware of the wonderful work she does.  Please Cross Post.

Thank you.

Jean Townsend
(Always for George - Always for the Rimadyl Dogs) 

------------- Forwarded message follows -------------

Hello to everyone!

I need help from as many of you and your friends as possible.  I
search for rehab supplies on ebay almost daily.  In searching under pet topics, wildlife topics etc....  I've found numbers of sellers with puppy tails, raccoon hands, opossum pinkies, one man had dog paws as key chains!  Also a teenager was selling dead cats (satanic as it turned out) , several idiots calling themselves taxidermist are selling frozen wildlife or chopping
their feet off for coat hooks.  Many of these people I've stopped by locating where they're from and contacting the local SPCA's. 

One guy sells under the pin name of "headhunter", he's the worst.  Each time they shut him down he changes his names and list body parts for sale again.  I've had some very heated emails from some of these people once they learned I was behind getting them off ebay.  The only way to stop this once and for all is to write Ebay and ask for the sale of any dead animals, animal parts and even furs be stopped.........THE ADDRESS IS BELOW.   I've written them and also sent a plea for help to PETA.  As always strength is in numbers so please pass this email below from Peta to others and write ebay to stop this. 
Ebay is a huge money making company and can do without making a profit off of people who kill for the almighty dollar!!  One Ebay seller told me is was easy to "kill for money, he didn't break a sweat!" Please pass this on to as many people as you know.  Thanks to you all for any help you can give with this! 
The URL for EBay is:


Beth Mowder
Keeper of the Wild, Inc.
Charleston, SC
State/Federal Permits
NOS, PRW, LVT  17yrs/rehab

To: [email protected]

Subject: RE: Ebay! Animals and parts

Dear Ms. Mowder,

Thanks for contacting PETA about the selling of animal-cruelty items on
eBay.  We agree that eBay should not be selling these kinds of items. We have asked eBay to remove these items, but the company needs to hear from individuals like you.  I encourage you to write a letter of complaint to eBay and ask the site to stop selling these items.  Please send your letter to:

Pierre M. Omidyar
Chairman Inc.
2145 Hamilton Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125
Phone: 408-558-7400
Fax: 408-558-7401

Thanks again for contacting us about this issue and for all you do to
help animals!


Jeff Mackey
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


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