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Campaign Against Vivisection Animal Transport Launched
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From 16 February 2005 Issue

Campaign Against Vivisection Animal Transport Launched

Recently at the Animal Rights Coalition meeting in Nottingham, the Gateway To Hell campaign was launched.

The aim of this campaign is to bring about an end to the transport of
animals to vivisection laboratories from the airports and ferry ports of Britain. Whether guinea pigs from Newchurch being flown out to labs around the world from Manchester to the primates coming through Dover and Heathrow, this vicious trade will be stopped.

This is not yet another vivisection campaign. It is a campaign which
supports and compliments all existing campaigns - whether against HLS, Oxford University, Sequani or Covance. It will also affect the many other labs currently not been targeted. All these labs and universities need animals brought in from abroad, in particular primates. It is our intention to break this trade and thus knock out a major strut supporting the entire vivisection industry. After all they are going to find it very hard to experiment on animals if they cant get their hands on them in the first place.

The vivisectors are going to be forced to look at alternatives as we
remove their access to primates and other animals. This in intended as a blow against vivisection itself. Given the nature of this trade we anticipate that this campaign will be beneficial to other non-vivisection campaigns where the importing of animals in horrific conditions is an issue, such as in the exotic pet trade. Information passed to us has shown that the demand for animals by UK labs is not being met as it is, and prices have risen as a result. Every victory will push those prices higher, and out of reach of many vivisectors, especially in the Universities. The profits of labs such as HLS and Wickham will also be further chiseled away.

The first targets are the airport owners who facilitate this trade taking
place on their property. They are BAA who own Heathrow, Stansted, Southampton, Gatwick, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports, and Manchester Airport. We will also be looking at other places.

We are calling on all animal rights protestors who want to stop this evil
trade to campaign against these companies until they give a statement that they will no longer allow primates, dogs, cats and other animals destined for the vivisection laboratories to come through their airports. It is very simple - get some free merchandise from us (see below for our details; leaflets, posters, etc available), jump in a car and get down to the airports and get your message across. There is plenty of scope and opportunity to be very effective here.

If you cant make it, then check out the emails, telephone numbers, faxes
and addresses which can be found on our website at

Gateway To Hell is a coalition of grassroots activists with the support of
the grassroot anti-vivisection groups and other campaigns. World Day in the UK this year will also be held under the Gateway To Hell banner. It is the first step in what is hoped will develop into a global campaign aimed at ending the entire trade in primate and other laboratory animals.

If you wish to be on our mailing list and join our action alert email
list, please send us your details to [email protected]

Gateway To Hell
BM 8231, London, WC1N 3XX
Tel: 0845 458 3528
Email: [email protected]



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