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From 6 May 2005 Issue

Wisconsin govt.: Considering Law To Allow Hunting Of Cats

Whom it may concern in the Wisconsin govt.:

Can you answer the question as to why the wording is "cats kill millions of birds and small mammals per year"??

Why not.... just admit that the 'small mammals' referred to are mice and rats??

Why not.... admit that legitimate studies say cats are not even a statistically detectable factor in the songbird decline issue

Why not.... admit that cats were brought into human habitations hundreds of years ago to protect us from rodent proliferation and associated destruction and disease?

Why not.... wonder what would happen if people succeed in removing cats from the environment?

Why not.... admit you could be putting our children, grandchildren, and our future generations at risk.

Why not.... recall that not so many generations ago, cats were re-introduced [after an anti-cat government eradicated them] to save mankind from what looked like possible extinction??

Why not....listen to those of us who say that we do not want our future generations to die because someone's misguided attempt to protect birds

Why not....admit that felines are independent in spirit, and have been throughout the millineum, that some cats will not stay indoors, that some cats are not 'owned', but cared for by a guardian that is intensely bonded with it

Why not....admit that catch and kill for any outdoor cat amounts to the death penalty for the crime of being a cat

Why not....admit that these 'keep your cat under your control' laws catch many, many pets in the round up and kill net?

Why not....wonder about the child who has lost his beloved pet this way, or the elderly person deprived of his only source of unconditional love

Why not...admit that since cats are now scientifically recognized as being the second (1)most emotional and the second (2) most intelligent species next to primates, and the country's most popular companion pet, this should warrant a more humane approach than catch and kill, or shoot, and embrace sterilization for poplulation control of homeless and ferals; it is the most cost efficient (short of a bullet or poison), the most humane, and the most effective way to deal with the problem of feline overpopulation


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