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From 15 November 2005 Issue

PROTEST: Stop Petco from selling live rodents for snake food

We wish that Petco would stop selling rodents to snake owners for their snakes to eat.

Petco sells lots of "common" mice to snake owners. Most "common" mice are sold to snake owners, and are in for a torturous, horrible death. Many are strangled to death by the snake, or knocked out by the buyer.  We want Petco to screen people before selling rodents to them by simply asking them if they own a snake. We would like Petco to be like Petsmart, who refuses to sell mice to snake owners.

There ARE humane ways of feeding snakes, and that is buying mice that have previosly been humanely killed by a company who specializes in that. The rats and mice are then sold in refrigerators at petstores.

We are concerned, and are not willing to support Petco until they stop selling animals for torture.


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