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From 22 December 2005 Issue

By Judith Marie Gansen

My 2006 New Year's Wishes for Animals

1)  For every movie sold in stores and every movie advertised in the paper to have a stamp of approval from the animal welfare community with assurances that no animals were harmed to make this movie so we don't find out after we purchase the movie that animals were harmed or put in harm's way.

2) For both TV shows and movies to recognize that it probably saves money in the long run if they don't make programming and movies that exploit or harm animals.  We get on their case right away about it anyway which gives them alot of letters and phone calls to answer.  Prevention is cheaper and sells more DVD's!  (And let's get the constant bombardment of both cigarettes and liquor out of the movies and TV--what is going on with that?  Secondhand smoke harms pets as well as humans and many people and pets suffer due to violence related to alcoholism--young people don't need to grow up thinking "adult" means you have to have a drink and smoke in your hand!).

3)  For every person to use a seatbelt for their pet in their vehicle which can save both people and pets' lives!!

4)  For a "central control website for animals" where animal advocates could go with links to all organizations--divided into sections so if that day you wanted to fight animal cruelty you could do a search to see what is going on, pick an animal you wanted to work to help that day or see what has been done in the past (dog or cat, wild horses or elephants, etc.).  There currently seems to be duplication of effort and alot of wasted time because an advocate gets notified by more than one organization often by snail mail, etc.  This wastes precious time and money.  Let's streamline the system by cooperating better and sharing information!!

5)  For a computer programmer to create a program that would automatically pull out duplicate addresses from a non-profit computer so that a person doesn't get animal mail addressed to "Sue Smith" and "Susan Smith" etc.  Try to remember to print or sign your name exactly the same way all the time.  That way should the name and address be passed on to other organizations (as they always are), it is less likely for you to get duplicate mail.  This would probably save one huge forest ultimately as well as countless dollars that could better benefit animals and the environment--as well as any other type of charity.  Let's stop waste!

6)  For every animal person to join the legislative fund!  It takes a very small amount of time, costs less and accomplishes SO much for the animals!   Don't be afraid of the political system!    The Humane Society Legislative Fund  or

7)  For research that is funded another way besides business (with tax dollars? non-profits? a special government agency? animal people?).  There always seems to be an intended or unintended conflict of interest because the organization paying for the research is funded by business.  They often have a vested interest in the outcome of the research and most researchers may not want to "bite the hand that feeds them" so to speak.   Companies that make drugs do research on diseases so they can find a better pill which they want to later sell to you.  Of course we need medicines and cures and profit making businesses--but let's improve the system.

8)  For a Much Needed Invention - we do our own dog nail clipping here and I always wondered why someone doesn't invent a kit that you could make a cast, impression or measurement of your own adult dogs feet and measure exactly where the nails need to be cut so you would get an exact cut every time with no cutting into the quick.  Most of our dogs have black nails and it is impossible to see where to cut!

9) For a TV network where you can select not to pay for hunting and other animal exploitation shows instead of having them be part of your "package."

For every plant sold in stores and nurseries with labels warning if they are toxic to children or pets and what chemicals the plants and soil were given.

For animal welfare and animal advocates to learn to work together because we if don't, the animals lose!!

12)  For national organizations to stop sending "free gifts" in the mail that I don't want.  When I see this along with glossy expensive paper, lots of color photos in the mailing and being bugged for money all the time, maybe their focus is on making more money, not spending it to help animals.  The free gifts I get usually go to a charity or sale to help people or pets, the paper gets recycled.

13)  For people to stop thinking "purebred" animals are superior.  Hitler had the idea for a pure race of people, didn't he?  Purebred means someone controlled the breeding--that's all. 

14)  For people to think things through before they act--if I do this, what harm can come of it?  If I use chemicals in my yard, can it harm wildlife?  If I patronize animal acts, does that mean they will continue to exist?

MAKE THE DECISION TO SOAK UP ALL THE KNOWLEDGE YOU CAN--LEARNING SHOULD NEVER STOP!  The smarter we are, the better we can make our world and help to solve its problems and help animals!   :)  

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