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From 20 May 2006 Special Alert Issue


I can attest that everything stated below is absolutely true and the reality is even worse than what is written here. For example - it's just been learned that it was formerly a common practice at the Summit County facility to kill cats and kittens with hammer blows to the head. They now stab cats with a pole syringe while they thrash about with tongs or noses around their necks. Also, the actual kill rate for cats and kittens is 85%, not 65% stated below and four years after making our concerns known, there is still no veterinary care or treatment given to any impounded animal at the Summit shelter. No routine preventative messages such as vaccinations or worming, that are the norm at most Animal Care and Control facilities, are provided to displaced and homeless Summit County, Ohio animals.

Uncaring, untrained and unqualified staff are sought my management in an effort to stifle outcry over the treatment of the animals and to prevent information on the extent of the institutionalized cruelty from reaching the public.

In addition, we now have notarized statements from a veterinarian and two anesthesiologists stating that 18 dogs were most definitely frozen to death by Summit shelter management last November. The individuals who allowed these dogs to suffer so greatly are still employed at this facility. No legal action has been taken against the two shelter managers responsible for this extreme cruelty due to the ineffectiveness of the Director of the Humane Society of Greater Akron and his lack of interest in preventing additional animal suffering at the Summit County shelter.

The person who gave permission for the under-dosing and freezing of the dogs in November has since hired a 23-yr-old politically connected crony with absolutely no animal welfare experience to "run" the facility. This uneducated, 23-yr-old, highly paid ($63,500 annual salary) puppet of shelter management has done nothing to improve the treatment of animals or conditions in which they are held in the 3 months that she's been on the job. The shelter supervisor who's been responsible for animal suffering at the facility for the past 3 1/2 years, still calls all of the shots at the facility and makes all of the life and death --mostly death-- decisions though he has no education in animal care or control and no interest in best practices or humane procedures.

Please help us to finally stop these egregious practices by contacting the policy and lawmakers below.

For more information, please visit 

Thank you,

Deanne Christman
Pet Welfare Coalition - Akron, OH

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