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From 22 August 2006 Issue - Introducing Adela

Man Beheads Kitten

Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in
signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a
difference. We are trying to reach 1,000 signatures - please sign here: 

Once you have signed, you can help even more by asking your friends and
family to sign as well.


(Controversial story as some find this too hard to read or know. Consequently we must each seek our own comfort level as we strive to liberate animals. The following article is graphic)

PETITION: Man Beheads Kitten/Throws Body In Trash/ Hands Head To Owner
From: [email protected] 

This sadist and terrorist must be sentenced to the maximum amount of jail time allowed by law; receive a huge monetary fine; be sentenced to mandatory psychiatric counseling at his own expense and never be allowed to be near or to own an animal ever in his lifetime.

The FBI now recognizes animal cruelty as a precursor to human violence
as in spouse, child, senior and elder abuse.

Serial killers begin at an early age torturing and killings animals and then eventually graduate to human violence.

News story is below in this email! (Sent by Bob Nixon)

Police search for kitten-slaughtering animal

An Elkhart man has allegedly committed a despicable act of animal cruelty; police are looking for Mike Pifer, the man who is accused of killing his neighbor's five-week-old kitten

Elkhart, IN - An Elkhart man has allegedly committed a despicable act of
animal cruelty that could put him behind bars for up to three years as well as receiving a steep fine of $10,000.

Police are looking for Mike Pifer, the man who is accused of killing his neighbor's five-week-old kitten.

Neighbors say he killed the kitten and put its head in his freezer. When police came knocking, they say he had no hesitation turning over the evidence and telling them why he did what he did.

Despicable act

Dennis Witte, a cat lover in the neighborhood, says that it is no secret how much he loves to take care of his animals. Even his neighbors know, which has actually made some of them fond of cats as well.

Bob Gilbert, who lives next door says, "Dennis takes good care of his
cats and I feed them too, and they're all friendly." He noted that they are all healthy too, especially the youngest of the bunch, a five-week-old longhaired calico kitten.

This past Friday, he says, that kitten died at the hands of his
neighbor, Mike Pifer.

Witte says, "He was laughing and he had the kitten's head in his left hand and then the big ole' knife that he used. He said the kitten pooped on the floor by his motorcycle."

Gilbert witnessed, "He had the cat's body in his hand by the tail with his head gone, he was bragging about what he had done and he thought it
was funny."

Then neighbors say Pifer threw the body in a trash can and put the kittens head in his freezer, behind the door of his apartment, where the sign in the window reads: "Warning I don't call 911."

Witte says, "I'm still in shock that he did this."

He and the other neighbors there do call 911, so now this incident is an
Elkhart Police investigation. Neighbors say the man who killed a five-week-old kitten is Mike Pifer, whose apartment window displays this sign, "Warning I don't call 911"

Witte says, "He hasn't come around, Elkhart City Police need to put him
in jail. He needs whatever time they give him."

Gilbert poses a scary question, "If he'll do that to a kitten, what else could he do?"

Animal cruelty charges pending

When police first responded to the complaint, Pifer handed over the kitten's head and showed them where he dumped the animal's body.

He told them he did it because he was tired of all the cats in the
neighborhood. Police say when they locate Pifer he will be charged with a class D felony count of animal cruelty.


" RE: PETITION: Man Beheads Kitten/Throws Body In
Trash/Hands Head To Owner..."

Hi Robert:

I know that your heart is in the right place, but I have asked you before
to not send me these things. They get me upset and interfere with my
abilities to focus on the things that I do to help the animals. I volunteer
extensively at my local Humane Society, and I have been able to "come to
terms" with the misery that comes through the door daily. But that is about
my limit. I really can't get caught up in every horrible tale or I will
lose my ability to be effective in the work that I do for the animals. It's
the proverbial straw breaking the camel's back when I get stories like
this. Earlier this spring, I had to take two months off because I was
getting overextended, burned out, and depressed. So, I need to draw limits
so that I can continue to help the critters effectively. So, please don't
send me more than I can deal with emotionally - for my sake, and for the




-----Response from Robert:
Subject: Re: Fw: PETITION: Man Beheads Kitten/Throws Body In Trash/ Hands Head To Owner...

First, sorry, Susan, I forgot and will remove your name from my address book which I use to send alerts.

Next, to all, my philosophy is that if we are going to be part of a online community we can expect that a lot of the information we get will be about abuse and suffering. It is something no one wants to hear about. However, if we can't or won't grit our teeth and deal with these issues and do what is asked (such as sign a petition, email an authority, etc.) to try to get justice for whatever animal is wronged two things happen -- or don't happen. The animal died or was abused in vein -- like no one even cared --and the perpetrator pays no or very little penalty -- i.e., there is no justice. True, there may not be any anyway, but at least the authorities will know there is a huge and growing amount of support for severe punishment for animal abuse and each time it happens there will be less and less do-nothing by the police and the courts.

Granted, it is so much easier to turn away from the horrific -- but if it's that bad for US -- consider what it was for the poor animal -- and we, the "superior" human turn away because we cannot overcome our own sensitivities?! Doesn't work for me.

Women were treated as inferior to men for decades because no one wanted to get involved for change. Blacks sat in the back of the bus because no one wanted to get involved for change. Hitler slaughtered millions of Jews and no one said a word because people turned away rather than get involved for change. The mistreatment in all these issues often included the horrible, the unthinkable -- and people turned away.

Each must follow his or her own dictate -- but let it never be said THIS homo-sapien wouldn't overcome the anguish and anger of the horrors and do whatever is asked (or needed) to help make sure the cretin committing the animal abuse is punished -- I just have this funny idea I owe the animal at least that because as living beings we all share a kinship and the idea of "my brother" to me extends beyond another of my species.

If I have offended anyone by my comments -- tough.


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