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From 2 November 2006 Issue


If anyone has this drug for their hound. FLUSH it down the Toilet!!

Last month, Righty, Tootsie's 8 month old pup, was running in the field with the rest of the puppies. There was either a collision, or he fell or crashed into something. Righty came in on 3 legs in obvious pain. He was holding the leg strangely, and screeching every time we tried to touch it, so we decided a quick trip to the Vet was in order. The Vet went over the leg, and decided he had either crashed, or fallen on the shoulder and wrenched it badly. Because of his extreme discomfort, she wanted us to try him with rest, and Previcox once a day for 7 days. He was doing well, eating ravenously, and feeling better by the day. He finished the last dose of Previcox the morning of Saturday the 11th of February. That night he ate his dinner with gusto, had normal stool, and went to sleep. In the morning, he was hanging his head, and his heart was racing at an alarming rate.

Off to the Vets again. Emergency surgery. He had a hole in his stomach, and horrible peritonitis. He never made it off the surgery table. He went into
cardiac arrest and died as they were closing him up.

I haven't posted anything on this until I received the findings from the autopsy performed by University of Pennsylvania. Those results came in today (3/9/06). Basically, they proved that there was NO WAY this puppy should have died.

This Drug allegedly KILLED him!

I am beyond disgusted that this drug was touted as safer than Rimadyl and all the other NSAIDS. My Vet has removed it from her shelves. I hope no-one else has such a horrible experience.

Light a candle for Righty. a sweet boy unfairly taken away.

Eileen B. Flanagan "Og"
Carrickaneena Irish Wolfhounds
Permission to cross post or contact me directly.

This is the litter brother to my puppy Feileacan, so it hits very close to home.

source:[email protected] 

Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.
~A. Schweitzer

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