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From 22 December 2006 Issue

BEWARE: Rescuers allegedly looking for Pit Bull "Bait"

Permission to crosspost.

Please forward this to any and all of you email contacts! They have allegedly been requesting animals in Michigan and surrounding states. They use multiple e-mail addresses but usually the [email protected] portion.

Shelters/rescuers, Tony & Rebecca Williams (e-mail: [email protected] ) claim to have a rescue in Rocky Mount, NC and are trying to get dogs from all over the Eastern Seaboard. (She offered to take 14 dogs since Monday.)

She continues to take dogs. Most are pit bulls, with some offers to adopt Presa Canarios, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Wolf hybrids.

In addition, she had previously posted that her roommate was looking fora Great Dane or Great Dane mix. She also posted that she was "desperate" for a Chihuahua and she really wanted a Mini Pin and a Jack Russell. She claims her rescue is a pit bull rescue, but another pit rescuer called the local Animal Control.

Animal Control's comments:

"She's been barred from taking any dogs from the shelters in her area." He also said she has a long criminal history, has been selling Pit Bulls on street corners for 15 or 20 dollars and has been under investigation for dog fighting. Atlantic Rescue has now banned her, after finding out this information. These are the breeds she has asked for:

a. Pit Bulls
b. Rottwiellers
c. Dobermans
d. Presa Canarios
e. Tea Cup Chihuahuas
f. Jack Russell Terriers
g. Shar Peis
h. Min Pin
i. Great Dane (Pure Breed or Mix)

She uses the little dogs as bait! They are going out of their area looking for dogs to adopt.

Laura Cerutti
BoxAR Rescue
Alexander, AR

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