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From 22 March 2007 Issue


You may recall that Mother Ambrose who ran a small no kill animal sanctuary in Glendale, Oregon and also ministered to senior citizens who were isolated died tragically in an auto accident New Year's Day. All her animals were left with nowhere to go. Most had special needs: age, heart condition etc. The local Douglas County Animal Control had no resources and planned to temperament test and only keep the immediately "adoptable" ones. Knowing that, Mother Ambrose's representative, a long term friend and spiritual brother, asked me to represent him in finding humane resources for her animals. It would be no celebration of her life to kill them. None were so compromised that death would have been a "Kindness."

I did find homes for several medically compromised senior dogs and have spent significant monies out of pocket to make sure their medical needs were met. I had them transferred to the Oregon Humane Society for boarding because Glendale is so far away. I have been picking up any major medical expenses.

Both Joseph and Princess, black Labrador mixes who were dropped off as puppies on Mother Ambrose's doorstop, were at OHS and were being trained by a young staff person on his time during his lunch hour. On Friday the report was that they were doing fine. On Monday I was told that Joseph would have to go by this weekend because he is barrier aggressive and scared Sharon Harmon, the director when she surprised him by suddenly appearing around the bend. She scared him and he reacted. That is the entire reason for his biblical banishment: kennel presentation.

Joseph is only a scared dog who has lead a very quiet life. He has no bite history. He is protective of the small space that is his own. He is frightened and has gone through an enormous series of traumatic change in two months and was doing very well in his training despite that. There is no animal privacy at the Oregon Humane Society, no indoor/outdoor space. That stresses many dogs because they can't get away from public view. They are on display all of the time.

Can Best Friends take him? I can arrange for the young man who has been training him to give you further information. He told me that Joseph was just afraid and responds to structure, predictability and training. I have been told he has to go by this weekend. I have an acquaintance who runs a small place for abandoned animals in a rural area. He can possibly take Joseph while alternatives are sought but hasn't the resources to do more than keep him. It is too remote really for a trainer to go visiting.

I am pretty upset about this. It isn't Joseph's fault. I am also concerned about Princess, his litter mate now on the adoption floor because, although dogs are stringently evaluated at OHS, pretty much anyone can adopt. They need committed caring owners who know that they have lead pretty monastic lives so far but are quite trainable.

If need be I will board Joseph commercially at our expense and have him seen by a veterinarian. OHS renamed him Francis but I think he knows his old name better. This will be one more abrupt change for him so of course it worries me. I remain concerned about Princess's future as well. Through public records I get from Multnomah County I know how easy it is for dogs to end up killed at Multnomah County Animal Control.

Can you help? Could you let Reb Babcock copied above and me know? Mother Ambrose was one of a kind in this area. Her animals like all really are important, just not much around here and our own home is so full.

Gail O'Connell-Babcock

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