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From 22 March 2007 Issue


As you may know, many engine coolants and antifreeze products contain ethylene glycol—a deadly sweet poison that attracts and slowly kills countless unsuspecting animals annually by way of brain damage and kidney failure. Animal abusers often kill dogs, cats and wildlife by poisoning them with this substance.

Legislation that will help end these painful, terrifying deaths—House Bill 38—has been introduced in the Ohio General Assembly. Please urge your legislators to support this important measure.

If it becomes law, H.B. 38 would require any engine coolant or antifreeze that is sold in Ohio and contains a certain concentration of ethylene glycol to include a bittering agent as well in order to render the product foul-tasting.

Please call and politely urge your State Representatives to support H.B. 38 and your Senator to introduce matching legislation. Be sure to tell them your address or that you are a constituent. They care about votes!

You can find you State Representatives easily by clicking on this link: 

...and your Senator here: 

Please forward this message to others in Ohio who might be willing to lend their voices to this important issue.

Thank you! ...for the animals.

League of Humane Voters and various groups

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