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From 18 May 2007 Issue

Animal Rights Terrorists
By Robert Cohen

Quote "If ever there was a phony effort to place blame on an innocent"
party (he means innocent Animal Rights Activists) and on an innocent movement, this is it. Conspiracy to defraud. Please, FBI and USDA terrorist agents, put on your thinking caps and catch the real bad guys.

We animal rights vegans are mean, we are green, and what
we do is totally obscene...and someone is leaving a bloody
leather glove at the scene, and the glove does not fit. We
do not wear leather.

According to the May 10th issue of Hoard's Dairyman,
the "National Dairy Farm Magazine," (page 327):

The column is called: "Hoard's Has Heard"

"Violence against farmers wishing to grow their operations
is spreading across the U.S., according to reports. Several
incidents have been reported, including a dairyman who had
12 cows shot and killed since filing paperwork to expand his
operation. Another dairyman had a locked well poisoned. Hog
farmers have had barns intentionally set on fire during the
permitting process. According to Aaron Outze, director of
the Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers, there have been
seven significant acts of violence or threats aimed at
farmers in the state since August alone."

Oh, yes. The old hidden ball trick. The "blame it on the
animal rights devilkin" ploy. The "Let's dress up as Indians
and have a tea party" so olde Sam Adams can import his smuggled
tea and in the process, create bad will for the British.

Do you imagine that animal rights terrorists are lurking
in an Iowa field, ready to kill farm animals, burn down barns,
and poison wells? Locked wells?

The state of Iowa stinks from enormous feed lots, represented by
this phony Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers. A pig's ass, I
say. Green eggs and scam. Blame insider crime on the animal
rights boogeymen who are not smart enough to know that there
are more surveillance cameras in Iowa than pigs. Blame insider
crime on animal rights boogeymen who come out of the woodwork
to unlock wells and add poison to the water supply.

Aren't animal rights people the ones with compassion for
animals? We neither poison nor shoot nor barbecue animals
cooped up in their barns. We have difficulty taking the life
of any living creature as opposed to farmers, who routinely
end the lives of their "agricultural units" every day.

The FBI should take a careful look at this phony coalition, and
they should begin with carefully going through phone records
of midnight cowboys. Imagine a farm where 12 cows are killed,
for example. Would you imagine that the 12 killed are the
best or worst milk producers? My guess is that they are the
worst, and that the farmer was dumb enough to file his insurance
claim the day before the act. The evidence will be there if
investigators care to look, but they won't look. Blame it on
the vegan terrorists. That insures law enforcement career

Farmers keep records of every cow's milk production. FBI and
USDA should check the histories of each cow's production. I am
certain that such clues would point the way directly to the
farmer himself.

Burning down barns? What was removed from the barn, coincidentally,
before it burned to the ground? I have met many animal rights people
whom I dislike, but I've never met a heartless, uncaring one. None
that I know or could imagine would burn an animal to death to
justify any means to an end.

If ever there was a phony effort to place blame on an innocent
party and on an innocent movement, this is it. Conspiracy to
defraud. Please, FBI and USDA terrorist agents, put on
your thinking caps and catch the real bad guys.

Private note to the good guys: You are being investigated. Your
organization is being infiltrated. Homeland Security sees
vegetarians as homeland terrorists. Their budgets are entirely
too big, and their brains are entirely too small to think
otherwise. If you would be one to burn down a barn or kill an
animal through an act of violence, you will get caught. If
that is the case, I hope you stay in jail for a very long time
and that they throw away the key, because I do not want to share
my planet with any individual responsible for any of the above
sick and perverted acts of terror or horror. There is zero
justification for such actions.

Robert Cohen
[email protected]

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