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From 29 June 2007 Issue


"~Reba must pass from my hands to yours,
Dear God, let it be peaceful~"
~2-14-1995 to 5-16-07~

It was spring in 1995 when Reba came into our lives, just 2 months old. Adam was four years old at the time and though we had our other old Labrador when he was born, Reba was his “first” dog that has spent 13 years with him. Soon after we got Reba, our other Labrador went on to the rainbow bridge.

Reba was diagnosed with severe hip displasia at 4 months. The breeder we got her from wanted her back to euthanize her. That made no sense to us. We would keep her and do our best do give her a quality life allowing her to be part of our family.

Every night when Adam was young, he was afraid to fall asleep alone. Mommy or daddy would lay with him until he went to sleep. Then Adam got an idea, and it was Reba who took over the nightly ritual. She would lay with him on his bed and listen to his jibber jabbering, never ever missing a night, with her head laying on his legs or his belly. Soon his jibber jabbering would stop and Reba would jump down. Her job was once again done for the day, making her human brother feel secure until he fell asleep.

Reba loved her frisbees, eating apples and fresh corn on the cob, camping Up North, going for bye bye rides down the drive way with gramma, swimming while catching sticks in the water, jumping in the UPS man’s truck for a treat and being outside. Her whole life she has lived in this house, for it was built when got her. She never had an accident in the house not even as a puppy. The times she did was following her seizures when she was older, however she would tromp down to the basement cement floor and relieve herself there; never on the carpeting. That was our Reba, always thinking of her humans and pleasing them.

She loved going to the field of corn next to us and grab one off the stalk and run home with it, as if someone might “catch” her in her act of stealing corn. She would peel off the husk of that corn and then eat the entire cob. Corn and apples always made her smile.

When she was a few years old, she ate a poison mushroom. After a week in the hospital, she lived, amazing her vet and poison control. Poison control told us the same week Reba went through this, a man from Up North died of eating the same kind. It was just two summers ago she walked up to me, something in her mouth, and dropped it on my foot and looked up at me. It was a mushroom. How clever she was as if to tell me “I remember how bad this was, here it is I don’t want it this time”.

As she became older her hips began to show signs of discomfort. We treated her with natural remedies. But nothing would cure her disease. Love, prayers, and helping her with tasks she had trouble doing on her own was the only thing we could do to help her. And she always accepted. I don’t remember one time she ever showed aggression, even with her discomfort. When we went to the veterinarian, she rolled on her back as soon as the doctor walked in the exam room, as if to say: “ok go ahead and poke at me because I am ready and don’t mind”. Her vet said she was his favorite patient and could always trust her because she was so sweet and harmless. Harmless. That was Reba. Never has killed any wild critter running around out here on her acre of land. Not even a fly.

As the years went by, she became inseparable. Wherever I went, she followed. Wherever I was she was right there and much more so recently. It was hard for her to stand so she would do what I called “drop and plop” next to me. I always heard her delicate snoring and restful breathing That is one of the finest feelings in the world- to have a dog always want to be near you, never wanting out of your site.

Reba Mae Mac-N-Tabor went to be with God- her journey to the rainbow bridge. Surrounded by those who love her- mommy, daddy, brother Adam, fur-sister Martina and a wonderful friend, peacefully she went while in her home with a kind veterinarian being here to assist with this.

May she rest in peace.

Thank you to all of my family, special friends here at home and my animals advocate friends whom I met years ago… all for loving, being concerned and caring about our Reba girl. And to Reba’s “Aunt” Karryn and Myke who has helped me get through the months of preparing for one of the most difficult things I have had to accept and do. Karryn taught me we have to realize that when our beloved companions are suffering, it is not fair to keep them living for our sake any longer just for the reason that it is too hard for us to let them go. We have to remember they will do anything to please their humans; even struggle to stay alive for our sake- so we have to think of them at a time like this and use our strength to let them pass on to God’s hands, knowing we did the right thing for our special companion, never forgetting all the years they brought love into our lives.

Please read about the special rose:

On May 2nd, prior to Reba’s passing- but knowing it was soon to happen, we were out with some friends. A man was there selling roses and I told my friend Michele that I wanted one for Reba. I wanted to have the rose to put with Reba when she went with God, yet I wanted to keep some of the rose petals forever. Michele said that would be a touching and wonderful thing to do. Just then a kind person, Bob, brought over a red rose to us. I told him it meant a lot to me and soon I would tell him why. Reba has been cremated and she will be with me forever. The special rose is also with her, resting with her. Thank you Bob for that special rose that is with her now and for it’s petals that rest with part of her in a unique necklace that was made so I can keep her close to my heart. Reba’s Rose.

Picture of Reba on website with this tribute
~Lisa Marie
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