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From 20 December 2007 Issue

Pet store neglect
Please Write and Protest!

Soldan's Feeds and Pet Supplies on 515 Lansing Rd in
Charlotte, MI has alleged numerous animal neglect issues

Soldan's Feeds and Pet Supplies on 515 Lansing Rd in Charlotte, MI has alleged numerous animal neglect issues occurring as I write. PLEASE make complaints to the store manager and her supervisor (who apparently doesn't work at this location-only the one in Lansing).
The following were allegedly seen as of Nov. 28, 2007:
All rodent tanks were filthy--filthy beyond what is typical for a pet store. There is a strong stench emitting from all tanks. Waste is piled up. Rodents don't generate that much waste in one day-even when they are kept cramped. It is at least a week's worth of no cleaning. There are fly's everywhere.

Excuse given: "the morning shift cleans tanks". But, clearly they haven't been-
There is a rat with such severe illness that its eyes are almost completely swollen shut. It has scabs around them and is sneezing and coughing. When asked if it could be taken to the vet asap, the girl remarked rudely that "no, it was a feeder rat". As if that were an excuse. I'm sure that it will end up being put in a freezer to die-standard pet store method of "euthanizing" to avoid vet biills for "cheap" animals.
Guinea pigs had NO water-the employee fixed that while I stood there though-but still, it is unacceptable and seems to be a reoccuring theme.
Hamsters couldn't access the water in their bottles because the soiled bedding was piled up so high that the water bottle "sucker" was buried. This can be fixed by adjusting the water bottle lengths and reducing the the amount of bedding.
If anyone knows a compassionate person in this area (Charlotte), they should go to the store asap tomorrow--especially to see if the rat can be removed/rescued without having to pay.
Let the store that this is unacceptable!!
Contact info:
"Eldon" at MLK Location

Head Supervisor
Jami Rowley @ Charlotte Location
Store Manager
[email protected]
515 Lansing Rd., Charlotte, MI

Staff: [email protected]

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