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From 12 April 2008 Issue

Adela Speaks On Woman Posing nude or semi-nude for PETA AntiFur ads

I enormously admire women who lend themselves to pose in the nude or semi-nude for the most unjust cause in the world - the constant commercial torture and murder of trillions of animals! I ask people to go instead after the greedy, shameless prostitutes, yeah, the HIGHLY paid ones, like "Kristen", but give tumbs up to those who, far from prostituting themselves, want to, and do, help animals at any rate.

The more people attack PETA, the more they are crucifying the animals. Attacking a society that created a world's chain of organizations to help animals is not only cruel to the animals but stupid! If someone has so much time and energy then use it instead against the ONLY ANIMAL ABUSERS: the furriers, the animal experimenters/testers, the factory farmers, the breeders, the hoarders, and hundreds of thousands of other small and huge companies and individuals hurting animals - holocaust style! If you consider yourself a genuine animal lover then stop the venom against PETA, otherwise knowingly or not knowingly....YOU are contributing to the crucifixion of the animals you portend to love.

Has anyone ever seen or heard PETA critizicing any animal rights/welfare organization? Of course not. Because it is constantly busy helping ALL KINDS of animals from ALL THE ANGLES ALL THE TIME!

The absolute worst exploiter of humans: the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) is a big PETA hater, see here what they are: but get 100s of more at Google's. When you mud PETA you are on CCF's side. If you are a normal individual you won't want to be on this exploiter of humans side.

As a favor to you I suggest to stop wasting your time since regardless, PETA continues to advance ALL OVER THE WORLD in the pursuit of the liberation of ALL animals, not only of the cute kittens and puppies. Goodbye... Adela

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