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From 7 July 2008 Issue

May 1st Eagle and Swan at Lakelse Lake Near Terrace, B. C.

These photos were taken recently by myself ,Tom Carver, I live on Lakelse Lake just outside of Terrace, B.C.. I own The Water Lily Bay Resort, I also feed the swans on the lake all the time!. Eagles are very common in this area too. These are amazing photos! Enjoy!

Swan and Eagle pictures. So here is the swan photo.

What a beautiful bird, so graceful and majestic.

Here comes the Eagle!!!

You can see the feathers flying here.

This one is so amazing to see the eagle wing span beside the swan. Poor thing must be scared to death.

The eagle is loosing his grip on the swan here.

Has just lost his grip on the swan.

The swan starts falling straight down.

The swan falls into the water, swims away and the eagle just looks on. I am amazed, and have never seen an eagle tackle something so big in mid air before.   

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