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From 29 September 2008 Issue

Sled Dog Cruelty at Krabloonik Kennel in Snowmass Village, Colorado!

Visit this site for full details and pictures of this horrid abuse


Abused Sled Dogs Need Help

(The images on this site were all taken in August 2008. These dogs sit chained, month after month.)

This is an atrocity. A virtual concentration camp for sled dogs. Please help by forwarding to all you know that will care and writing a quick email to the address provided.

There is a restaurant in Snowmass, Colorado named Krabloonik. They use sled dogs for entertainment. These dogs are very mistreated. There is a group of people trying to get better treatment for these dogs. Please take a look at the website:

Please take the time to read the information on the website. Also, on the website there is a petition. If you feel these dogs need help, please sign the petition. No animal should be subjected to the kind of abuse these poor sled dogs are.

The Aspen Animal Shelter has rescued several sled dogs from Krabloonik. I have had the opportunity to play with and walk some of the rescued sled dogs at the shelter. The dogs are very sweet and loving. They are the lucky ones; they have been rescued. There are many, many more that need help.

Please pass the above website address to as many people as you can. The more people who sign the petition, the better it is for the dogs.

Thank you.
Lora Allan

Sign the Petition to Help the Plight of the Krabloonik Sled Dogs 

Watch the Current Conditions of Krabloonik Kennels, Snowmass Colorado 


The Committee to Give Krabloonik Dogs a Voice is in need of #10 cans which are currently used for the Krabloonik dogs. These cans can be found (used) at many restaurants here in the Roaring Fork Valley. Please ask restaurant owners and employees for #10 cans and please take them before they are thrown away. These cans will replace the current cans that are old and rusted. We are researching better types of watering bowls for the dogs, but for now, these will be an immediate help.

Please email us to donate cans or to ask a question at  [email protected] . The Krabloonik sled dogs thank you for your support. We urge you to forward this message, so we can reach this goal as soon as possible. If you have any knowledge of a more suitable water bowl that can be easily emptied daily, and also remain secured to the dogs' wooden sheltered housing, we welcome and value your suggestions.

Broken Promises: Watch the Video

Krabloonik was given to the current owner as a gift from the late and legendary Colorado resident Stuart Mace, whose original dog-sledding operation (called Toklat) was based on compassion, and a love for his dogs and his environment. Watch as the current owner discusses the conditions of the gift, including a promise to continue to care for the sled dogs.

Remember animals aren't a commodity.

Sign the Petition to Help the Plight of the Krabloonik Sled Dogs 

Source:[email protected]

Meet some of the Krabloonik sled dogs. The images on this site were taken in August 2008:

The Krabloonik setting is a concentration camp-like environment where 250+ dogs are tethered by sub six-foot chains for several months with no release.

The Realities of Life as a Krabloonik Sled Dog

Trying to find water

An infection on his face has not been treated

There's no spirit left.

She cowers as a person approaches

Tugging on the chain.

A typical day at Krabloonik for a sled dog

Another Krabloonik dog tethered to a 5-foot chain for months with no release

Spirit lost-the life of a Krabloonik sled dog

Walking on three legs

Rocks, feces, and empty water cans for Krabloonik sled dogs.

A potential future sled dog at Krabloonik

Hoping for change

Another dog waiting for change

Chained up in the heat

Her gashes are untreated

A gash on her side remains open

He waits with feces on his paws and an empty water bowl

Wincing near feces

A mom protects her puppies. More potential sled dogs added to the enormous population on site

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