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From 29 September 2008 Issue

Beware "Dog Dies After Eating Mushroom"

I read the story posted because I have been on the web trying to make sense of what just happened to my dog 3 days ago. We were camping in Island Park Idaho like we have done for years.

My dog, a ten year old Shitzu ate a poisonous mushroom and it killed her within hours we were not sure about exactly what she had eaten. After it was much to late we could smell a strong horrible odor of mushroom. We just didn't realize how poisonous they can be.

My vet said that dogs being killed by mushrooms is pretty rare. I believe she ate it because at home in Idaho Falls they are in my yard and she started eating them but they never made her sick. The vet said she would not have known it was poisonous and with a keen sense of smell she could easily sniff it out.

We are absolutely devastated and now our other shitzu that has never been separated from her in ten years has to deal with this. There needs to be more awareness put out there to make people aware that this can happen.

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